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What is YouTube premium

I’m sure you have heard of YouTube. It’s the biggest video-streaming platform in the world. What do you use YouTube for? Are you making money from it too? How many different platforms does YouTube have? In fact, YouTube is one of the most engaging social media in the world. YouTube is taking one-third of all mobile internet traffic with more than two billion monthly active users. Interestingly, millions of people are making money from YouTube. You can produce videos of all sorts! And, many people are out there looking for your content. In this essay, we are going to talk about one of the features of YouTube. It is called YouTube premium.

YouTube premium for professional users

Firstly, I should mention that not all countries access to this YouTube premium. Currently, the US, Australia, Mexico, New Zeeland, and South Korea can have this service. Secondly, you should know that YouTube premium is not free! What does it do for us? Well, it’s very simple. YouTube premium lets you watch videos without being interrupted by several ads. Also, it enables you to watch exclusive videos that YouTube made with other producers. Additionally, online and background playbacks are also possible.

YouTube Premium was launched in 2014. In the beginning, it was a music-streaming platform. In 2015, YouTube premium provided not only music but all kind of videos. After that, YouTube premium started collaborating with Google Play Music.

YouTube music & premium

Why we should use premium?

Many argue that it’s not reasonable to join premium. YouTube is free and you can watch millions of videos. So, why should we pay for watching YouTube premium? Here, I’m going to give you five reasons why you should start using it.

Switching between applications 

There are two apps for YouTube services. One is the YouTube app and the other is the YouTube music app. If you join premium, you will be able to switch between the two very easily.

Experiencing ads-free videos

Perhaps, you would say ads are not a big deal. Maybe, you can handle them. However, if you are a professional YouTube user, you will do everything to get rid of all those damn ads. With premium, you can watch videos without any ads. Interestingly, it doesn’t matter what apps you are using. Whether it’s SmartTV, set-top box, or smartphone, you will not waste your time on ads.

Saving your time when you don’t have access to the internet

Imagine you are traveling somewhere and have no access to the internet. What can save the day better than an offline YouTube feature? In fact, you can save your favorite videos and then watch them later. In this way, you can create a fun library for yourself. Yes, the offline feature is available on YouTube premium.

Most YouTubers are active on YouTube premium

It’s worth mentioning that many creative YouTubers are a member of premium. It means you will get their original content very quickly. Don’t underestimate this content! You can come up with new ideas from these professional YouTubers.

Cons of YouTube Premium

Cons of YouTube premium

Are there any downsides to premium? Yes, there are. For example, you might miss some good and valuable ads such as movie trailers. Sometimes, you bump into an ad on YouTube and it changes your life completely. With YouTube premium, you won’t have this accidental luck.

In contrast, sometimes, ads stop you from wasting your time on YouTube. Without ads, you can watch videos for hours. However, you might get interrupted by an ad while watching a video on YouTube. Here, you’ll realize you have been watching so long and need to stop. YouTube premium takes this away from you.

No matter how wonderful premium is, it costs money. In fact, you have to pay $11.99 per month for full access. Also, if you go with the family plan you will pay $17.99 per month. In this way, five people in your family get access to YouTube premium too. Even though there is a discount for students, it’s not a cheap service. So, make up your mind before buying it. Finally, there are no discounts available for subscriptions.


It’s not surprising to see many businesses try to Buy YouTube subscribers or Buy YouTube comments. This is how they get reach and visibility. YouTube is on fire now with lots of exciting features. Premium is one of these programs. It lets you watch YouTube videos without any ads. Also, it makes you able to access the original content. Here, we tried to briefly introduce it to you guy. I hope you find it helpful.

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