YouTube channels for kids

YouTube channels for kids

YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world. In fact, it is as powerful as giant search engines such as Google. Also, YouTube has many diverse applications. It has content for all sorts of demands. For example, millions of YouTube subscribers upload their educational and tutorial content on it. Or, businessmen/women from across the world share their ideas and experiences freely and effectively. Actually, for all those businessmen/women, being on YouTube is a win-win situation. Why? Because they create content and adsorb more potential customers. Also, you will receive free education which might help you start your business and secure your future. However, what about kids? Can they learn from YouTube? Is it good for them to spend time on it? Are there any appropriate YouTube channels for them? Don’t worry! In this short article, we are going to introduce some YouTube channels for kids.


Mother Goose Club is one of the best YouTube channels for kids

Mother Goose Club is one of the best YouTube channels for kids

– The channel has more than 8 million subscribers. 

– it is good for preschoolers. 

– There are six or seven characteristics in videos. 

– The channel has both short and long videos. 

– It is a great place to teach children how to behave when they get older. Also, it teaches them how to take care of nature. 

– For example, there is a very engaging four minutes’ video on the channel showing all the good things about taking subways instead of private cars. 

– The characters in the video are professionally designed with colorful clothes which is very exciting for children. 

– Moreover, the graphics of the videos are also attractive and appropriate for children. 

– So, children will enjoy watching these videos. And, they will learn new things, dance, and sing along with the characters. 

Simple Kids Crafts is one of the best YouTube channels for kids

Simple Kids Crafts is a good channel for kids

– It has more than 700k subscribers.

– The main theme with this channel is the Barbie doll, Minnie Mouse, and other famous dolls.

– Children can watch videos and learn how to make accessories for their Barbie doll.

– For example, several videos are showing how to make Barbie purses, Barbie shoes, makeup, etc.

– The channel shows very precisely step-by-step how to make Barbie doll’s accessories. Also, the quality and coloring of videos are children-friendly.  

– However, you need to prepare some equipment for your children like a hammer, needle, paste, etc. And, be careful! Sometimes, children need to work with dangerous or sharp objects. So, accompany your children while they are playing.

– Moreover, videos stimulate children’s creativity as they have to use many useless objects such as plastic bottle lids. So, they will learn not to give up on seemingly useless objects and use them anyway.



– The channel has more than 5 million subscribers.

– This channel is a bit more serious than previous channels as it is designed to teach scientific principles to children.

– Amazingly, the channel is trying to teach very complicated topics in very simple terms.

– Moreover. Videos are very simple and engaging. In fact, someone is drawing these simple videos as the narrator is explaining some facts.

– For example, one of the most interesting videos was the one that was explaining the history of our solar system.

– If you want to know whether your children are into science, you can ask them to watch this channel.

– The titles of videos are very eye-catching too. For example, questions like “Is it better to walk or run in the rain?”, How to see without glasses”, and “What if the Earth were hollow?” will definitely draw the attention of teenagers.



– This channel is mainly for when children and kids want to just have fun on YouTube. 

– It shows how teenagers react to different situations. 

– For example, in one video the interviewers ask some questions about some teenagers’ food habits. They say whether they are vegetarian or eating fast food, etc. Then, they eat Arby’s which is a new food, and should express their opinions about it. 

– Also, it has pranks and fun videos whose central characters are teenagers. 

Geek Gurl Diaries, SoulPancake, Vlogbrothers, SmartGirls, and OK Go are some other interesting YouTube channels for your children.



Today, YouTube can be an educational platform for our children. If you choose the correct channels, your children will have fun and enjoy it at the same time. Here, in this short article, we tried to introduce four of the most engaging and popular channels on YouTube for kids. However, try to always manage your children’s time. They shouldn’t spend too much on it.

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