What is Signal?

What is Signal

It’s hard to believe how fast social media have been progressed. Now, there are tens of messaging services. Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, Snap Chat, you name it. Although they are very diverse, it’s not practical having several messaging apps on your cell-phone. Therefore, you should be very wise in choosing the ones that are the best for you. Signal is one of the newest messaging apps in the market. You might consider shifting to this application. If you think this way, please, follow us until the end. I’m going to discuss some of the reasons for joining Signal.

use Signal as main messaging application

Reasons for using Signal as your main messaging application

Answering the question of what is the best messaging application depends on you. For example, are you looking for popularity or security more? Or, do you consider user-friendliness or the cost very important? That’s exactly one of the most important reasons for choosing Signal. It is the best in many categories. We are now going to mention them here:

It’s extremely safe

It’s very important to keep your information secure and safe, right? You don’t want strangers to access your chats with others. One of the best things about it is its encryption. What does encryption mean? It basically says no third-parties access to your information on Signal.

If you have a very crucial position in your business, you will have to trust the platform you are using. Signal makes you sure of that.

Availability on desktop, cell-phone, and other devices

Signal can be installed on your personal computer as well as other devices. So, you can send it wherever you want.

Signal is an open source software

Open-source software 

One of the things that makes you sure of the app’s cybersecurity is open-source software. Fortunately, you will have 100% access to the Signal’s open-source code. This is very important. You know why? because open-source software lets everyone observe the source code. Therefore, you can edit it as you wish. Also, it doesn’t let the company hiding how the app functions. Additionally, if you feel insecure you can easily test the app.

Registration lock

This feature makes it impossible for others to register with Signal using your phone number. For example, somebody else might have your phone number. Or, you might have changed your phone number. These make you vulnerable to be attacked by hackers. With the registration lock feature in Signal, it will be impossible to penetrate your account.

Calling within the Signal’s network

You can call using many applications like WhatsApp or Telegram. However, sometimes, you don’t want others to get your IP address. It can do it for you perfectly. It presents the Relay service. It allows you to call people through a relay service. Basically, it means that your call will be relayed through its server. Finally, this is a very good option for people who don’t have VPN.

Biometric security

If you are super conservative, you will love this feature. Interestingly, you can have your passcode and Signal lock before opening the app. Also, you can easily turn on/off this option.

Cons of Signal

Like every other messaging application, there are a few downsides associated with the Signal. First of all, it’s not as famous as other applications. Also, they are sometimes a bit buggy! Especially when you are running on iOS. Additionally, you will have to declare your phone number for contact discovery. Moreover, everybody will find out whether you are using Signal. It’s not very important but some people have found it a bit hard to work with. Finally, Signal doesn’t collect data. So, your data will be on your phone number.

Signal, WhatsApp, or Telegram? Which one is better?

Right now, Telegram is one of the most famous messaging apps across the world. Is it reasonable to switch from it to Signal? Well, Signal surpasses them in terms of screen and group chat security and self-destructive messages. Concerning chat backups, local backups can be enabled which is not available in WhatsApp and Telegram. Also, none of the WhatsApp and Telegram apps have open source. It’s only available on Signal. 


You might have spent too much money to buy Telegram views, or buy Telegram members, right? However, you are thinking of shifting to another hub for advertising your products. Here, we introduced Signal. It is one of the newest applications in the market. We reviewed some of its features. Also, we understood that it surpasses Telegram and WhatsApp in many categories.

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