What is Facebook ads manager?

Facebook ads manager

Is Facebook one of your main social media? How do you use it? How many of your friends are there? Are they just spending their free time on it? In fact, Facebook is more than just entertainment. Interestingly, millions of businesses rely on it for advertisement. Thanks to more than one 2.5 billion monthly active users, you can advertise everything. In fact, advertising on Facebook is so popular due to its high engagement rate. Also, it has different tools to support advertisement. Ads manager is one of these tools. Here, in this article, we are going to briefly discuss what the Facebook ads manager is.

Why do you need Facebook ads manager?

Ads manager is a tool that makes you able to advertise on Facebook. It happens a lot when you have several ads and get confused with them. You want to check whether they are running ok. Also, sometimes, you need to make some changes in the content of your ads. All these possible with the ads manager. Basically, there are three things you can do with the Facebook ads manager. Here they are:

Generating Facebook ads

A powerful tool for generating ads

When you are advertising, it will be important to determine your target audience. Also, you have to specify places and marketing objectives. All these can be done with the Facebook ads manager. It will easily guide you to design your ads according to your needs.

 Editing your ads

You might start your ads but not happy with them. Or, you would like to set several ads and manage them at the same time. In fact, adjusting details based on your ad’s performance and changing any element is possible.

Evaluating your ads performance

In the end, you’ll like to get the metrics of your ads. These metrics are very helpful in letting you know how successful your ads have been. Then, you will see what content is more popular and profitable. Finally, you just need to imitate the successful ads to get even more reach.

How to use Facebook ads manager?

Facebook ads manager is very user-friendly. You can work on it very easily. However, you need to follow nine separate steps. So, let’s get started.

First step for Facebook ads

Step one

If you don’t have a Business Manager account, please, go and create one. In your Business manager account, pages, ads, and grand access are all available for you. To do that, first, create an account on Facebook. Then, go to the “Business Manager Settings” and click on “Add Accounts”. Finally, select “Add New Ad Accounts” and “Create a New Ad Account”. After setting up your payment method and billing information, you are good to start!

Step two

Now, you can set up your ads. You can specify factors related to your business such as the target audience. Also, you can have a detailed look at your performance metrics.

Steps three and four

Here, you have to let Facebook know your expectations. For example, are you mainly looking for awareness, consideration, or conversion campaigns? Also, Facebook will boost your ads based on the location, age, language, education, etc. in your target audience.

Step five

Here, it is very important to determine how much money you want to spend. There are two different ways of spending money. It can be daily and lifetime media spend. If you are not sure how much to spend, just follow what Facebook suggests.

After setting all the above mentioned steps, you have to determine where to advertise. For example, your ads can be seen on Desktop/Mobile News Feed, Right-hand Column, Facebook Audience Network, and Instagram. What about the content? In fact, there are five formats including the carousel, single image, single video, slideshow, and collection. Main ad text, headline, and link description are available in all formats. Be careful! They have character limitations.

Finally, you can track down the popularity of your ads. Facebook ads manager helps you monitor metrics. The most important metrics are clicks, impressions, and conversion rate. Then, you have a clear-cut impression of your return on investment.


As we said, Facebook advertising is very effective in increasing awareness, encouraging consideration, and driving conversions. Facebook ads manager is there to do it for us. Here, first, we explained what the Facebook ads manager is. Also, we said where we can use it. Finally, we showed a step-by-step guide on how to use Facebook ads manager. I hope you found this helpful.

So, if you are planning to Buy Facebook followers, and buy Facebook likes, think carefully. It might increase your impressions but doesn’t necessarily lead to more money. Advertising on Facebook with ads manager makes you sure of your profit.

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