What is Clubhouse

What is Clubhouse

Let me ask you a question! What do you think all social apps have in common? Well, all current social apps have mainly visual content. Why? Because visual content, by far, is very engaging for humans. Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc. are all interesting due to millions of photos and videos being posted every second. Now, there is a new invention in the business! How do you feel about audios? If you like engaging in a conversation with thousands of people, Clubhouse is the right app for you. Here, in this short essay, we are going to introduce it. Definitely, Clubhouse will be one of the most popular apps shortly.

No photos, no videos, no text, only audios

The clubhouse is simply a social product. It only lets you talk to your friends as well as new people. Telling stories, developing ideas, and making friends can all happen in the app. Basically, it is a social app based on voice.

Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth are the founders of the app. They launched it in 2020. Although the app was released during the COVID-19 pandemic, it was very successful in attracting members. Even big names like E. Musk and B. Gates have joined the app. As we will discuss further, the app is exclusive and that’s the key to its popularity. You cannot join it without an invitation. Also, it only works on iOS.

Interesting facts about Clubhouse

What are the interesting facts about Clubhouse?

– Interestingly, recording voice is not possible. So, you have to live in the moment. When something is gone, it is gone! You don’t have access to it.

– You can choose to listen to conversations you enjoy. It could include business talks, celebrity interviews, etc. For example, Elon Musk and Vlad Tenev had an interview. Amazingly, nearly 5000 people were listening to their conversation.  

– Fashion designers and movie director’s news and many more.

– Some famous figures have nearly one million followers on the app.

– So, how exactly the conversation is happening? I mean wouldn’t be too crowded? Well, everybody can join a room and start talking. However, you can raise your hand by pressing the corresponding item and talk later.

– in February 2021, the number of Clubhouse users reached two million.

– Because China hasn’t censored the app yet, people are even paying to get it. They use the app to talk about dangerous topics.

– Conversations could lead to racism and many other bad issues. So, the moderator should be vigilant.

– Now, it is worth nearly a billion-dollar.

– There is a potential for the app to become a hit. However, removing the invitation option and being available for Android users might become the key to its success.

How does Clubhouse work

How does Clubhouse work?

let me put it simple! Clubhouse gives you the ability to host, listen to, and join the live audio conversation. This live audio conversation is called the room. Unfortunately, (or fortunately for some people), Clubhouse has only audios. In fact, texting or video streaming is not available right now.

Like other social platforms, you can create a profile. Then, people can follow you. There is no limitation on the number of people you are following. On your home page, you see the hallway. This is where all your audio rooms present. So, you can join/leave anyone you like. For joining, you just need to tap on the room. Also, you can have a public or private room in Clubhouse.

How to join Clubhouse?

Joining clubhouse is a bit different from other social apps. In fact, you cannot join it by yourself. If you want to use Clubhouse, somebody else must invite you in. However, this person has to have an account in Clubhouse. Interestingly, you can download the app. They will put them on the waiting list. However, there is no guarantee that you have an account. Besides, there is another limitation for the app right now. It is only available for iOS. So, you should when if you don’t have an Apple phone.


The clubhouse is an only-audio social media. There are audio rooms instead of chat rooms. In rooms, there are moderator and speakers. Also, lots of people are listening to them in real-time. Interestingly, you can join the conversation if the moderator allows. It is more like an interactive podcast where you can be part of the conversation too.

As we said, it is invite- and audio-only. Also, there is no camera involved. Working well with Instagram, and the non-permanent nature of the audios are some of the best things about the app. So, what are you waiting for? Start joining Clubhouse today.

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