Instagram reels?

What are Instagram reels

Nowadays, it is extremely hard to compete with giants of social media. Instagram is one of those giants. In just ten years, it has dominated the world with nearly one billion users. The opportunity for growth is limitless. It doesn’t matter what your main profession is. Instagram is everybody’s cup of tea! However, there are new competitors. For example, TikTok that was released in 2016, has earned over 800 million users across the globe. What’s its secret? Short 15-seconds entertaining videos! Now, Instagram has relatively the same feature called Instagram reels. Interestingly, it has become very popular. So, let’s figure out what Instagram reels are.

Instagram reels, short engaging videos

Instagram reels allow users to create fun 15-second videos. First of all, creating Instagram reels is very easy. To do this, you just need to select “Reel” at the bottom of the Instagram camera. Users can edit and add filters to videos too. Also, you can share them on Feed and reach new international audiences. Creative editing tools include AudioAR EffectsTimer and CountdownAlign, and Speed let you produce the most captivating videos for your followers.

Boost Instagram reels

How to boost your reach with reels?

Are you one of those guys who like to buy Instagram followers PayPal instead of learning the tricks? Perhaps, it would be nice to buy Instagram story views PayPal or buy Instagram likes PayPal. However, if you are going to real organic reach, you will have to take Instagram reels seriously. Let’s discuss how you can literally explore your reach with Instagram reels.

What goes viral on TikTok is the best theme for your reels

Viral videos on TikTok can inspire you to build upon a well-tested trend. Therefore, you will save time and energy on how to avoid repetition and be creative at the same time. In fact, the more popular a piece of content has become on TikTok, the more likely it attracts Instagram users.

Post Instagram reels regularly

Consistency is the key factor here. Of course, coming up with new ideas take time. However, know your time limitation and set a rule for yourself like posting one or two reels a week. Then, just stick to the plan. This is how your audience starting trusting you and visiting more frequently.

Great to look friendly on reels, but not unstructured and unplanned

It is good to convey the idea that you have filmed the reel all of the sudden. In fact, your audience will buy it more when they feel the idea for this reel came to your mind in real-time. However, you need to rehearse it in advance. First, you can mark all interesting TikTok content related to your business. Then, outline your content in your mind. Next, script the details like lights, the angel of recording, movements, etc. Finally, you save your content on reels’ draft. All those editing can come later!

Fit your content into the 4:5 dimension

Be careful! You might create amazing reels’ content. However, your effort will be a waste when your reels get cut off in home feed! How to avoid that? The best thing is to save videos and upload them like a normal video. It lets me check my content in the 4:5 dimension. In this way, you can go back and modify the video so that it fits into the mentioned dimension.

Don’t forget to add value-based captions

Your goal should not be just encouraging your audience to watch your reels. There is nothing worse when people watch your reels and don’t engage. A professional caption will promote social sharing when the content is good enough. So, for example, captioning all the serious points you are making in your reel makes people save or share the content. The more saving or sharing you get; the more Instagram algorithm will notice you. What would be the result at the end? Obviously, it’s a higher reach! You were looking for it, weren’t you?

Choose a killer cover banner

You have two or three critical seconds before your followers decide to open or skip your reels. So, you should enchant them with an informative and persuasive cover banner. For example, what will be your cover banner, if you are advertising a book? Perhaps, a picture of you turning a page with a short text like the most influential book I’ve ever heard!

Use Instagram reels


The Instagram reel is one of the latest features of Instagram. Instagram reels are short interesting videos that can go viral. This is actually a professional copy of TikTok short videos. Here, we discussed how reels can boost your reach. I hope it’s informative enough!

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