Vegan Instagram pages

Vegan Instagram pages

Nowadays, people are getting more awareness about their environment. For example, there is a huge movement toward veganism. Why is that the case? Why are there lots of Vegan Instagram pages? Well, perhaps, people have understood that animals feel pain and misery just as we do. So, it is cruel to butcher them just because their meat is tasty. Besides, studies have shown that veganism is good for our health too. Here, in this article, we are going to review some of the most famous Vegan Instagram pages. Before this, let’s see what Veganism means.


What is Veganism?

a vegan person is someone who avoids eating animal products. Instead, they try to replace them with a plant-based diet. In fact, being a vegan is an effort to avoid exploiting animals or at least minimize it. However, there are many issues and challenges that vegans need to overcome. For example, how should they start being a vegan? Gradually or suddenly? How should they deal with pessimistic people’s ideas? Or, how are they going to provide the vitamins that their body needs? As you can see, it’s not a simple change.


What are the benefits of Veganism?

There are some advantages associated with Veganism. Here are the most important ones:


– Veganism improves your kidney function.

– Also, if you are looking for losing weight, experts suggest you be a vegan.

– With a vegan lifestyle, you are less likely to suffer from heart diseases.

– Moreover, some studies show that it has an anti-cancer effect on your body.

– If you avoid eating animal products, you will be able to reduce the blood sugar levels.

– Vegan food is better concerning certain Nutrients.


Are vegans famous on Instagram? What are the top five Vegan Instagram pages?

Actually, the best thing about Instagram is its diversity. You can find people with extremely different ideas. That’s why many businesses try to buy Instagram followers or buy Instagram likes to reach more sales. They will find their potential customers for sure. The same is true with Veganism. In fact, there are hundreds of pages advocating Veganism. Now, we are going to review some of these pages:

weareveganuary is one of the Vegan Instagram pages


– This account has more than 380k followers. Also, it is verified by Instagram.

– It inspires people to be vegan for a month. And, if they like it, they will continue being one.

– The good thing is that it gives people free recipes and tips.

– There are some nice posts about why people should be vegan.

– It also introduces some nice documentaries about animals to inspire people more and more.

– There is a lot of good stuff in the IGTV part.

– Also, you can find the great podcast too.

– I recommend everyone to check on the page.

Jonvenus is one of the Vegan Instagram pages


– the account belongs to Jon Venus who is a public figure. 

– There are nearly 170K followers on his Instagram page. 

– Interestingly, he is an attractive bodybuilder who shows that even bodybuilders who have a special diet can be a vegan. 

– There are lots of nice posts in which he has shown his perfect body. It is amazing. 

– His wife is Kathrine Moen who is vegan too. 

– She has 25.8K followers. 

– They both inspire a plant-based family. 

– They are also active on YouTube. 

ohsheglows is one of the Vegan Instagram pages


– Wow! When you look at Angela Liddon’s Instagram page, you really like to be vegan. In fact, she has posted very motivating and professional images of vegan food! When you see them, you will have to try.

– She is pretty famous on Instagram with approximately 650k followers.

– Also, she is running a website about veganism and a healthy lifestyle.



Practically, this is the most famous vegan page on Instagram with more than 2 million followers. 

– The page provides recipes for vegan food. The food usually needs only ten ingredients. 

– You can cook all the food in just 30 minutes. So, the recipes are not very hard. 

– Posts are professional! Everyone, including non-vegan people, would tempt to try vegan food. 

– Also, the logo of the page is very well-designed. 

– You can find a lot of informative IGTV too.

– the engagement rate with the page is great as you can see many people leave a comment or like under all posts. 



– more than 380K followers! That’s impressive!

– This page is advertising vegan products for people in the UK. 

– In fact, it is a good page, if you want to know what are the latest products. 

– Every product has a short description.



Veganism is becoming a trend now. People have realized that they have to do something about nature. Otherwise, we won’t survive. Studies show that eating animals is wrong both healthily and morally. That’s why we have more and more vegan individuals. In this short essay, we reviewed the most famous vegan Instagram pages for you. Are you going to be vegan too? Why not! In fact, that’s a great idea. Go for it.  

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