Use Instagram on PC

Use Instagram on PC

It sometimes happens to all of us when we decide to post on Instagram from our computer. It matters a lot, especially for businesses. Some people feel more comfortable working on their page with a personal computer. At first, it was not possible to run Instagram on computers. However, now, you can have the same features on computers too. Here, in this essay, we want to learn how to use Instagram on pc.

Sometimes, we decide to buy Instagram followers PayPal, buy Instagram IGTV views PayPal or buy Instagram story views PayPal to get more visibility. This is true for other Instagram services too. Strangely, some businesses buy Instagram likes PayPal too! However, sometimes, we need to improve our information rather than spending money on buying Instagram services. learning how to use Instagram on pc is one of that information.

Instagram website for PC

The difference between Instagram as a website and a mobile application

Instagram website and application share many common features. However, there are some subtle differences in terms of functionality and use. Learning such differences helps us save out time and energy and feel more efficient. Interestingly, for certain marketing efforts, you should go for the Instagram website or vice versa. Now, let’s discuss them here:

Use your Instagram account on a pc

For this, you need to go to and login with your username and password. For editing your profile, just click on your profile photo and then “Edit Profile”. You will see the same things like the Instagram mobile application. Other options such as “Change Password”, “Push Notification”, etc. are also available on the left side of the screen.

Going to other users’ account on your pc

You can easily do this by going to username you are looking for. Now, you can check your profile just like you do on the application. What if you don’t know the username? It’s simple. Just go to the “Search Bar” at the top of your account and search for it. Hashtags and locations are also searchable on the Instagram website.

Exploring on Instagram desktop

This functionality is also available. However, the icon is different. Actually, the icon on the Instagram website is a compass looking icon, not the magnifying glass icon. When you click on the compass icon, you will get the explore feed.

Exploring the feed on Instagram webpage

How to see your followers’ content? To do this, you need to click on the house icon at the top of your page. Then, you can easily access all content posted by all your followers and other relevant ones. You can like posts with a double-click. It is also possible to leave a comment and reply to other comments just like on the Instagram application. Also, sharing and saving are the same here.

Watching stories on the desktop version

Stories will pop up at the top of your feed. You can click on each of them for viewing and navigate by clicking forward or backward. Pausing is doable by clicking and holding. Tapping the space bar lets you pause the story from your keyboard. Also, arrow keys let you change stories. However, interacting with stickers, quizzes, or polls are not available on the website.

Watching Live video on

The Live icon will be shown around the stories, letting you know that somebody is on Live. Clicking on it guides you to the Live video. Comments are on the right side without masking the person’s face. However, it not possible to like by tapping. You can invite a guest to your Live, but they must join via a mobile device. Watching Lives on a computer or laptop gives everyone more flexibility and freedom. For example, the user broadcasting the Live can free up his/her phones, and users who are watching won’t need to keep the phone on their hand a lot.  

Limitation of Instagram website

Two limitations of working from the Instagram website

Many other features such as Direct Message is also doable on the desktop version with the same functionality. However, there are some constraints associated with the desktop version too. Now, let see what limitations the Instagram website has for users:

Editing profile

Although it’s possible to edit your profile and bio on the desktop version, spacing and formatting will be hard to implement. So, it’s better to edit your profile on the application.

Actions buttons and insights

Action buttons such as call, text, email, directions are not available on the desktop version yet. Also, watching your insights can’t be done on the desktop.


Instagram was only available as an application a few years ago. However, now, it is possible use your Instagram account via pc and mobiles. Are they going to be the same? Here, in this essay, we introduce how to work with the most commons features of Instagram applications. Also, we explain two limitations of the Instagram desktop. I hope you found the information in the essay helpful. We will come with further content quickly. Take care!    

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