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What is Twitter fleet

One important thing that all social platforms must keep in mind is adaptability. In fact, adaptation is what makes social media great. For example, they have to constantly come up with new features. Or, they must keep upgrading the current ones. Sometimes, social media try to imitate each other and keep updated. This is very important for the competition between social platforms. For instance, the Instagram reel is a new feature that was an imitation of TikTok short videos. Actually, this is not an isolated case and has happened many times. Today, in this short article, we are going to talk about one of these new features on Twitter named Twitter fleet.

Where is Twitter?

Imagine you have a newspaper in your hands. Amazingly, this newspaper has a miraculous superpower. It constantly updates its content in real-time. Also, the content is very short and brief. So, are you wondering what this excellent newspaper could be? Actually, this is Twitter. It’s a place where you can get the news as soon as possible. Those short headings are called Tweets. Additionally, just like any other social platform, you can follow people with the same interest.

Twitter is also great for starting social and political campaigns. Interestingly, you are free to retweet whoever you want even the president of the US. You have a limitation in the number of characters you use in your tweets. Other contents especially images and videos are all possible. However, new features are coming. One of them is the Twitter fleet. We want to see what a fleet means.

Twitter fleet vs Instagram stories

Twitter fleet, an imitation from Instagram stories?

Fleet is a kind of tweet which disappears after 24 hours. Does it remind you of anything? Yes, Instagram stories. Fleet works just like it. the limitation is 200 characters. Also, you can add pictures or videos to it. what you cannot do with the fleet? First, it is not possible to retweet fleets. Also, giving a like to a fleet is not available. However, answering could be happening by the emoji. Is there any difference between fleets and stories? Yes, fleets are vertical but stories are horizontal.

What is the reason behind the Twitter fleet?

Many people like to tweet every day. However, many of them avoid doing this. They think the tweet will stay forever on the internet which is not their favorite thing to happen. So, the fleet will solve this problem. Of course, people can take a screenshot of your fleet and distribute it everywhere. However, you will be sure it will disappear officially after 24 hours.

The options related to fleets 

There are some other limitations/conditions too.

– First, you cannot either create or view from your desktop.

– Secondly, it is not possible to single out any of your followers from watching your fleets.

– The next thing is very important for the businesses on Twitter. You can get impressions on fleets.

– Also, you can have access to the metrics related to fleets. Finally, there is no private historical log for all your fleets.

– Twitter doesn’t notify you if somebody takes a screenshot from your fleets.

– Interestingly, you can tweet your fleets!

– Your followers can see your fleets by tapping on your profile photo, just like Instagram stories.

– Just like Instagram stories, Twitter will show you who has seen your fleets.

How to fleet

How to fleet?

Are you interested and excited about fleeting? Here, I’m going to show you how to fleet.

– Press on the icon “Fleet icon”.

– Type or add any visual content you want. The visual content can be photos, GIFs, or videos.

– You can post the fleet by tapping the “Fleet button”.

Again, like Instagram stories, adding media to fleets is possible

– First, you can have access to the keyboard and toolbar by tapping the screen.

– If you tap the “Align button”, you will be able to put the text in the center, left, right.

– Other buttons including “B”, “Highlight”, and the “Color Wheel icon” help you make some changes and make your fleets more attractive.

– Resizing items on your fleet happens when you pinch any of them with your two fingers.

– Finally, the background color can be changed by tapping the “Circle icon” at the bottom left of the screen.


Social media platforms are constantly being updated to stay in the business. The Twitter fleet is one of the new features of social media platforms. It works just like Instagram stories. Here, we introduced it and explained the limitations/conditions associated with it. I hope you found this article helpful. So, if you want to buy Twitter followers, or buy Twitter comments go for it. It might be beneficial for you, considering all these new updates from Twitter.

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