Transfer data from WhatsApp to Telegram

Transfer data from WhatsApp to Telegram

Our communication has dramatically changed since the invention of messenger apps. Now, everyone is using at least three or four of them. Some apps make personal communication very comfortable. Besides, some others are perfect for getting the latest news and catch up with new products. Also, businesses are thriving in messenger apps, adsorbing more and more potential customers and make more sales. Recently, WhatsApp has changed its privacy policy. This created panic and many people got worried. Therefore, the wave of transferring from WhatsApp to Telegram was started. If you are one of those people, I’ll show you how to transfer your data from WhatsApp to Telegram. However, before that, we are going to briefly compare WhatsApp and Telegram. I hope this helps you to decide more wisely.


WhatsApp and Telegram data transfer

WhatsApp and Telegram Data Transfer

Among all those messengers out there, WhatsApp and Telegram are two of the most competitive ones. In fact, they have been around for several years. Currently, WhatsApp and Telegram have more than 1.5 and 0.5 billion users, respectively. They have been always competing for being the dominant one. Obviously, there are pros and cons to both.


First, both offer perfect forward secrecy. However, it seems that WhatsApp is more trustable because it has E2E encryption by default. Also, WhatsApp offers Video calls which are not possible by Telegram. On the other hand, Telegram gives the users more space 1.5 Gigabytes versus 16 Megabytes. The list of differences is very long. But, you are the one who should choose one of them based on your needs.

WhatsApp new privacy policy

WhatsApp new privacy policy

As we said, in 2019, WhatsApp announced some changes in its privacy setting. As a result, many started moving from it to Telegram due to security issues. One thing was more prominent. WhatsApp said that users’ data is going to be shared with Facebook! So, what’s going on here? Should we be worried about something?

Here what you need to know about the new privacy policy. WhatsApp collects your Phone Model, OS, Battery Status, Signal Strength, Time Zone, IP Address, WhatsApp Usage, Payment & Transactions, Status Updates, Group Details, Profile Pictures, and About info. Scary, right? So, according to the new policy, all this info is shared with Facebook. OK! What else? This is also very important. Previously, WhatsApp didn’t allow third-party banner ads. However, now, they have said that if we ever do, we will update the Privacy Policy.

Transferring data from WhatsApp to Telegram

Sooner or later, you will decide to leave WhatsApp, right? Telegram is one of the best options for you. Why should we do this? Well, maybe you have nice text or videos from other people on WhatsApp and don’t want to lose them after leaving WhatsApp. Or, you want to keep the first message your girlfriend sent for you on WhatsApp forever. Is that even possible because we are dealing with two different platforms! Fortunately, the answer is yes!

First, let’s talk about chats and media. Open a Chat you don’t want to lose and then go to the Three Vertical Dots on the top right corner. Here, you will see the Export Chat option. Then, continue with “Select Telegram in Share Menu”. You can do this with other messenger apps too. So, it’s not exclusive to Telegram. However, right now, there is no way to transfer Chats together. In fact, you have to select them one by one and transfer them. Be careful! This is for Android users.

What about iOS users? It’s pretty similar. First, open a Chat and then Contact Info. Next, click on Export Chat and then Select Telegram in Share Menu. Done is done. Here, you are asked whether you would like to transfer media content. Also, you should know that there are some ways to save the storage capacity on Telegram which is not the scope of our article.


With all these controversies you will probably move from WhatsApp to other messenger apps. Here, we explained the new privacy policy which made people start moving. However, they don’t want to lose their info on it. Fortunately, it’s possible to save them by following small and easy steps.

Telegram is the best option for you. Many companies have started to buy Telegram members and buy Telegram views to expand their business. So, if you are looking for a win-win situation, leave WhatsApp and join Telegram. You can have your personal and business communication at once. I hope you find this article helpful! Keep in your mind that privacy in a messenger app is everything! So, start transferring your data from WhatsApp today.

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