Terms of Service


1-     All the principles and processes in the Follow followers website are according to E-commerce and consumer protection law. Accordingly, all users must follow the regulations.


2-     User log-in into the Follow followers website for using services provided by the Follow followers will be interpreted as his awareness and acceptance of the website laws and regulations. Also, submitting orders means that users have completely accepted all the laws and regulations mentioned in the website.


3-     The customer must set his/her Instagram page on Public mode once he/she submits the order, (if the customer page was on Private mode or no money will be refunded).


4-      If the customer remove the account, followers, likes or comments that Follow followers have provided, no money will be refunded.


5-      Customer have to avoid attempting to increase his/her followers, likes, or views once the order is submitted. Otherwise, the Follow followers preserves the full right to consider all those followers, likes, or views as its own activities.


6-     People who are 18 years old or more are able to use the website services. Also, people who are 13-18 years old can benefit from our services under the supervision of their parents.


7-     The e-mail provided by customers in the online payment system order form supported by the website is the only documented way for communication.


8-     Also, you can contact us via WhatsApp (+1 650 557 3127) .


9-     Follow followers website is committed to respect and protect people’s privacy.


10-     Users must enter correct and complete information in the order form as requested by the website upon the submission. Obviously, unwanted consequences of entering incorrect or incomplete information are the responsibility of the customer and not the website.


11-      Please make your page public before order one of our services, if you keep your page on private mode Follow followers is not responsible to refund your money because each server cost Follow followers some money.


12-      Once the order is submitted, a unique transaction number will be assigned to it which is shown in the last order page to the customer. The customer must keep this number in case of following up on their submission.


13-       Story views service are not included refund policy, because the views will disappear after 24hrs (stories will remain for only 24hrs) and the service is only for one part of stories in one day.


14-        The order will be considered obsolete if the username and public mode of the customer’s Instagram page are changed. So, no money can be returned.


15-        Provided followers by the website have real profiles. However, our website doesn’t guarantee any likes, comments, or views from them. keeping them on your page will be the customer’s responsibilities, not the website.


16-        All of the services may have up to 30% reduction, because about 30% of real followers may unfollow or unlike you.


17-        If the customer put an URL (Link) that doesn’t exist, Follow followers will not refund any money.


18-        If the customer delete his/her account, post or videos, Follow followers will not refund any money.