Telegram or Signal

Telegram vs Signal

Nowadays, we consume more than ever. In fact, the society dictates us to buy and spend more. Also, it seems that we, humans, have been baked to appreciate diversity. For example, we usually prefer to buy from that bigger mall in our neighborhood. Or, sometimes, people travel hundreds of miles to just try a portion of new local food in a foreign country. Although having too many choices has its benefits, it comes also with major disadvantages. Today, we are going to review Telegram and Signal. We will discuss both pros and cons. Finally, you are the one who decides which one fits better with him/her.


Let’s take messenger applications for example. Amazingly, you can install tens of them on your cell-phone. However, sometimes, it’s just too much! Actually, you don’t need 10 or 12 messenger applications on your phone, right? Now, this is the big question for everybody! How to choose between them? 

Which one is better? Telegram or Signal

Telegram or Signal? Which one is better?

In contrast to Signal which is quite new in the market, Telegram has been around for several years. Now, it’s more popular than Signal. However, no one can predict what’s coming! Telegram is not available in some countries. This has got people thinking of a better option. That’s why Signal is growing day by day. Therefore, it would be useful for all of you to follow us until the end. We will present a fair comparison between Telegram and Signal.

They run differently

First of all, Telegram is for business but Signal isn’t. So, what does it tell us? Well, you might say Signal doesn’t have enough revenue. So, they cannot upgrade the app and make it better gradually. However, there is a good side too. When Signal doesn’t earn money from the app, they won’t definitely gamble on it! So, you can make sure nobody is going to still your data there


Signal is more secure than Telegram. Encrypted end-to-end doesn’t cover all features of Telegram. Nobody can read your messages on Signal whether you are in a group or one-to-one chat.

Telegram accessibility


Concerning the accessibility and availability, both Telegram and Signal offer iPhone, iPad, and Android versions of the apps. They both have optional desktop apps. And, both are free of charge.

The number of people in a group chat

Telegram is superior here. It’s because you can have up to 200 thousand people in one single group. This feature makes Telegram extremely popular among businesses. In fact, this is where the real interaction between the customers and companies is taking place now. However, the biggest group you can have on Signal is a group with not more than 1000 people.

Sending data using Telegram and Signal

Again, Telegram wins the battle here. Interestingly, you can upload and send files up to 2 GB! That’s enough for movies and high-resolution photos! So, in a sense, Telegram is more appealing to professionals in the multi-media industry. You can send only send files smaller than 100 MB.

Availability of the data on servers

Telegram has could message synchronization. It basically means your chats, images, movies, etc. on Telegram are somewhere is an unknown server! You might not like that. So, Signal wins here because there is no trace of any could message synchronization. Your messages are only on your phone! That’s it. What if you lost your phone? Or, your cell-phone system crashed? Well, under these situations, Signal isn’t helpful. Everything will be lost forever. If you really worry about the security, Signal will be an excellent choice.


Many people say that Telegram is more fun to work with. This is because of all those flashy stickers and other features that sound much cooler. However, it’s maybe because Telegram has been around more than Signal. We have to wait and see.

Data and phone number availability

Finally, signal provides open-source data where you can go and check by yourself. Again, this is important for people worrying about their security. However, Telegram doesn’t have such an option. So, you won’t know for sure how Telegram is working. They both stop other users get access to your cell-phone number. Basically, you can send others without knowing their phone number.


Are you going to buy Telegram views or buy Telegram members for your business or even personal use? Not so fast! There are always pros and cons with every messenger application. Here, we reviewed Telegram vs. Signal. Now, have you made up your mind? I hope you have!

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