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Best Tech YouTube channels

Nowadays, people treat YouTube just like a search engine. In fact, YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world with billions of daily users. People use YouTube for many different purposes. For example, many use this platform to learn how to do different things. Every day, millions of users post tutorial videos for amateur people to gain more information. Also, many others like to entertain themselves with it. They can watch funny videos, interviews, TV shows, etc. on it. More importantly, some companies consider YouTube as their main hub for advertisement. So, this is where the number of subscribers, likes, and comments becomes critical for them. In fact, many companies pay to buy YouTube subscribers or buy YouTube views to reach more sales on it. Now, in this short article, we will talk about the best tech YouTube channels.

Tech YouTube channels, a place for learning how to DIY

Well, let’s start with this simple fact. The market has become extremely diverse today. There are thousands of brands you can find in the market saying they are offering the best products. This is very important when it comes to electrical equipment like TVs, cellphones, music players, etc. We want to buy the best products but we often get confused with what the best product is. So, what do we have to do about it? Well, this is where Tech YouTube channels come into the picture. These channels are there to let people know what products are the best. From now on, we are going to introduce some of the best Tech YouTube channels on the internet.

Marques Brownlee has one of the tech YouTube Channels

Marques Brownlee

– This channel has amazing 14.2 million subscribers.

– This channel is famous as MKBHD.

– Interestingly, he has done several interviews with very famous people like Elon Musk and Will Smith.  

– This channel was established in 2008. It has now 2,549,035,296 views.

– This channel is great for reviewing different gadgets such as cellphones, gaming consuls, laptops, and coins.

– Also, it found several videos explaining new technologies and topics such as Dogecoin.

– The videos are not just talking about one brand. Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, and other brands are all explained in videos.

– The guy running this channel, is also active on other social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit.

UrAvgConsumer has one of the tech YouTube Channels


– this channel is another big name in the world of high-tech YouTube channels. 

– The channel has nearly 3.1 million subscribers. 

– One good thing about this channel is that it has a great organization. When you open the channel, you can see videos with the same topics are placed near each other. 

– It is mainly about gadgets like keyboards and mouse for gaming. The channel explains different brands that produce these gadgets. 

– Also, it introduces different gadget backpacks. 

– Some other videos are tech deals. It introduces affordable and cheap gadgets. It includes laptops, cellphones, cameras, and other gadgets.

– The channel has another section namely Tech Round-Ups that summarizes everything about gadgets. 



– there are more than 13.5 million subscribers on this channel with nearly an amazing 4 billion views over the last months. 

– This channel advertises for ordering and free shipping and buying a keyboard and other gadgets. 

– the channel provides nice videos that are covering many different high-tech topics. For example, there are videos about faster internet, toys, gaming consoles, and other gadgets. 

– One I enjoyed a lot about the channel is the titles of videos. They are mainly interesting questions about electrical gadgets. For example, one video is entitled “Should I take NVIDIA back?” or another one is “How long will your phone last?”

– This channel is featuring another nice tech YouTube such as Techquickie, ShortCircuit, and TechLinked with 3.88, 1.48, and 1.56 million subscribers. 

– another section includes Buyer’s guides to help you buy the best possible options in the market.

– Different people present different videos which show they know what they are doing. 

Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy

– this is another great channel. You won’t believe this! it has more than 18 million subscribers. That’s awesome. 

– The channel has a very simple but simultaneously interesting task as it is suggesting by the name. Basically, the owner of this channel unbox electrical gadgets and review them. 

– However, the channel only reviews Apple products such as iMac 24, iPad Pro 12.9, Apple TV. 

– The products that the owner reviews include laptops, headphones, cellphones, etc. 

– The videos are recorded professionally. 



Here, in this short paper, we introduced some of the best tech YouTube channels. I hope you find them helpful. Any more suggestions? We will come with more topics very soon. Take care.

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