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How to search on Instagram

Sometimes, even simple tasks could be very tricky. For example, you might think that searching on Instagram can be easy, right? don’t go so fast! In fact, there are many different ways for you to search on Instagram. However, why searching is so important? Firstly, if you know how to search on Instagram, you will be able to find out about your competitors. For instance, you can check their products and services. You can get a lot of ideas from their posts. Secondly, when you search on Instagram, you will understand what are the most popular keywords. Then, you will get familiar with the most influential ones. Now, you can apply them to your own business.

So, how can you search on Instagram? And, what do they teach us? If you are interested in finding the answer to these questions, I’ll suggest you follow us until the end. This is you and different ways of searching on Instagram.

Traditional methods of searching on Instagram

Searching by username and hashtag is very old and original. Here they are:

Search on Instagram by username

This is one of the most common methods for searching on Instagram. So, what does it mean? Basically, it means that you should make choosing the correct name very serious! The username must not be very broad and not very specific. Also, you have to consider the local market too. Therefore, what lesson do you learn? First, don’t make it too long! Additionally, don’t use symbols in it.

Searching by hashtag

This is also one of the simplest methods to search on Instagram. So, what are hashtags? Basically, a hashtag is a hash symbol used in microblogging and photo-sharing services. Imagine you post a photo of a pair of shoes for sale. It doesn’t matter how professional the photo or caption is. When you use relevant hashtags in the caption, you’ll increase the reach! For example, you can use hashtags like #best_shoes, #buying_shoes_online, etc. In this way, people looking for shoe products are more likely to find your page. However, you should be careful with hashtags. Please! Don’t use too many of them. Also, don’t include irrelevant hashtags just for the sake of having more reach.

Methods of Instagram searching

Modern methods of searching on Instagram

Here, I’m going to discuss some more clever methods of searching on Instagram:

Searching by location

Imagine that you are running a business that is not a very big city. Then, you decide to advertise your products and services to the public. One of the best ways is by asking influencers to promote your brand. If you search by location, you will see who are the most active and popular figures in your neighborhood. Next, you will pay for them and get your products or services more famous.

What would be the lesson here? don’t forget to add location into your posts. Especially, this is a great help for tourists or people who don’t know your area very well. The more reach you get; the more sale you are going to make.

Searching by followers

Most activities on Instagram aim to find your target audience. Where can you better than your rival’s Instagram page? To do this, you just need to follow their Instagram page. Then, go to the list of their followers. Next, choose some who are very active and start communicating with them. If they accept to follow you, their followers will be suggested your brand too. However,

don’t try to be pushy! Also, try not to start chit-chatting with them. Instead, invite them very politely to visit your products too.

Search on smartphones

How to search on a smartphone?

It doesn’t matter what methods you are using. You can do all of them by following these steps. First, open your Instagram account. Then, tap on the “Search” icon that looks like a magnifier at the bottom of your profile. Now, you will see a bar at the top of the profile. Here, you will get four categories including “Top”, “People”, “Tags”, and “Places”. Depending on the method, tap one of them. Done is done! Start searching now very easily! You can browse all relevant accounts and pages.

How to search on desktop Instagram?

This is quite the same as the cell-phone version. First, go to and tap the “search bar”. Now, start browsing! You don’t receive the categories discussed before.


Knowing how to search very well in the most important factors in your business. It helps you find your competitors and benefit from them. Here, in this essay, we discussed different ways of searching on Instagram. So, you might have spent a lot to buy Story views, or buy Instagram likes to get more impressions. Also, has your assistant suggested you buy Instagram followers? These don’t matter unless you can search well. This is how you can learn to be shown up in others’ search.

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