New Telegram features

New Telegram features

One of the most important characteristics of messenger applications is the ability to upgrade. Nowadays, there are too many of them around us. Also, most of them are free. Therefore, an application must be awesome in order to attract attention. They have to be user-friendly, simple, and practical. Moreover, they need to upgrade their features very quickly. Otherwise, very soon, another newer application will come and defeat them. In this article I am going to describe new Telegram features.

Telegram, one of the best messenger applications

There is no doubt that the Telegram messenger application is one of the most popular in the world. Interestingly, in some countries such as Iran, it has the highest number of members in the world. Thanks to its features, you can easily join Telegram groups to discuss issues of the day or get entertained. Also, you can join Telegram channels to get information about everything.

In fact, these features have made Telegram super cool for businesses. For example, as a brand, you can set up a Telegram channel for presenting new products. Also, in a parallel Telegram group related to your business, people can come and express themselves. That’s why many people suggest businesses buy Telegram members or buy Telegram views. Accordingly, they’ll receive more reach and increase their sale. Fortunately, Telegram updates its features regulate. Now, we are going to discuss these new features.

features provided by Telegram

New features provided by Telegram

We have listed here some of the most recent features on Telegram. You might have heard some of them. Let’s start.  

Editing photos/videos before sending them

Editing visual content is always very important. You should do it fast and easily. Now, you don’t need third-party software to do so. Telegram does it for you.

Self-destruct messages on secret chats

This is a very good option for people who worry about their security. You can set a timer for your chat with someone on secret chats. Then, at the right time, all the messages will disappear. So, nobody can use them against you.

Terminating active sessions

What should you do if you lost your cell-phone? If we had important or even very personal messages on our Telegram account, what should we do? It might lead you to an embarrassing situation. However, you can easily avoid this. Thanks to this feature, you can deactivate your account from your Telegram installed on Mac, Desktop, or other devices.

Discussion in Telegram channels

Obviously, you cannot post on Telegram channels. Only the admin or a limited number of people can do it in each channel. However, it’s a good idea to let people join and discuss! It’s become available recently. How? Under each post on a channel, you will see the option “comments”. It means that people have joined to another place discussing one post. This option works great for businesses. For example, when your brand produces a new product. You can post It and carefully observe people’s opinions without any filters.

Sending scheduled on Telegram

Sending scheduled

Again, this option is a great help for business channels and groups. For example, you usually pay for other companies in your channel/group. Fortunately, you are very busy and get hundreds of requirements. However, it would be really hard to track all the advertisement down. Telegram has made this easy for you. You can just schedule the averments. Then, Telegram will send them on time by itself.

Posting multiple pinned messages 

Sometimes, you really need to drive people’s attention to an event. However, you need to keep them informed constantly. With pinned messages, you can pick the most important issues and let everybody see them. It’s very helpful when you need to update very important news very fast.

Live location 2.0 

This is a security issue for stressed people. When you chat with someone you will want to make sure whether he/she is lying about where he/she lives. Now, you can see how far the person is from you thanks to the live location 2.0 feature. 

Tracking the growth of posts

As an admin, you would like to see how your posts are developing. Now, it’s possible to know that. You can see how many people have seen it. Also, you can see how many times it has been shared on public channels. 


Messenger applications are at war over having the highest members. Now, Telegram is one of the most popular ones. However, it’s not possible for it to stay one of the most popular without upgrading. From time to time, Telegram presents new features. In This article, we looked at some of these which have made it more user-friendly.  

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