New Instagram rules

Instagram new rules

Instagram is one of the most popular social media out there. This is mainly because of Instagram rules and limitations. In fact, regardless of your occupation, you have the chance to benefit from it. Actually, this is especially true for all businesses. No wonder why more than 30 million businesses are posting every day on it.

However, just like every other online platform, Instagram has its rules and regulation. For example, if you buy Instagram followers, or buy Instagram likes, Instagram restricts your account. So, you should not trust when they say you can buy IGTV views or other services without any problems.

If you don’t follow the rules, you will be in big trouble. Instagram restrict you when you violate the rules. Unfortunately, Instagram might suspend you for a long time which damages your business. So, how should we avoid this? Here, in this essay, we are going to review some of the most important and latest updates.

Forbidden Instagram contents

Forbidden contents on new rules of Instagram

Some topics cannot be posted. If you post something related to them, Instagram punishes you accordingly. Therefore, it is important to know What forbidden topics are:

– It is illegal to buy/sell firearms, alcohol, and tobacco on Instagram. Also, selling live animals is against the law.

– Also, pornography and nudity are out of the picture.

– Threatening people via Direct Message and encouraging others to injury themselves are not allowed.

– Instagram will not permit sharing violent videos or annoying someone.

– Finally, you cannot bet and gamble on Instagram.

Be careful with these forbidden items. Instagram is usually very serious about them, especially when it comes to drug sales and sexual content. If you post something forbidden and Instagram detects it, your account will get banned. Additionally, there is a new forbidden item. Can you guess what it is? Just keep reading!

Weight loss and cosmetic surgery advertisement restrictions

if you are interested in following fashion and beauty influencers, you will get lots of ads about losing weight and cosmetic surgery. They are adversaries to society when you see them everywhere. So, if somebody tries to bypass the new rule, Instagram will ban him/her.

Intellectual property rights issues

Imagine that you have found an inspirational sentence on the internet and want to post it on Instagram. You should know that posting this content without the author’s consent might get you in trouble. Also, the same is true with re-posting someone else’s content. Additionally, if Instagram finds out that you are impersonating someone else, you will get banned right away.

Illegal hashtags

Unfortunately, there isn’t any list to check. However, you can know them by experience. Basically, most pornographic and violent content are not allowed. Also, if you use too many words associated with fake accounts and bots, you might get restricted too.

Using a third-party app

Sometimes, you haven’t done anything which is forbidden. However, Instagram might detect behavior unusual and block your account. This might be because you using a third-party app that manages your activity. So, choose them wisely.

New Instagram limitations

Instagram limitations

First, let me say that there is no zero and one here. Instagram considers several factors. Then, it decides to either apply and reject limitations. In fact, Instagram considers the age of your account, the number of your followers, your account’s engagement, and your account activity. So, just try not to look unnatural!

Nevertheless, there are more clear limits on Instagram that are easier to understand. If you surpass them, Instagram restricts you. Here are some of them:

– You cannot follow or unfollow more than 200 accounts a day. So, try to increase your followers very gradually. In this way, Instagram will not suspect you.

– More than one thousand likes per day is not allowed. However, you should know that this number might be different from accounts to accounts.

– If you comment more than 180-200 times a day, Instagram will punish you. Also, sending emojis without text is suspicious. So, don’t look like spam. Also, try not to comment several times on one post.

– Using Direct messages less than 80 times a day is usually fine. This could vary whether you are a new or old account.

– Instagram has the same limitations for hashtags, IGTVs, Stories, tags, mentions, etc.


Although Instagram is an amazing app for getting notified, you must know its limitations. Instagram usually updates the rules and regulations. Knowing them to make your account secure enough to carry on without any problems.

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