Most followers on Clubhouse

Most followers on Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a new Social media that is so popular these days. In this article I am going to describe who has the most followers on Clubhouse ,and why his social media is very famous. Also, I will focus show you some well-know and important Clubhouse accounts that you can follow. Therefore, read this article to the end, and increase your knowledge about Clubhouse.

Who has the most followers on Clubhouse?

Rohan Seth is a co-founder of Clubhouse and he has the most Clubhouse followers with a number of 4.5 million followers! you can visit his Clubhouse account (@rohan). Besides, if create a new Clubhouse account, his page will be on your suggestion to follow.

Rohan Seth-has most Clubhouse followers

Who is the second person on Clubhouse?

Paul Davison is a real founder of Clubhouse and he has more than 4 million followers. If you are interested in his field, you can follow him and learn new things from him. His Clubhouse ID in (@paul). So it’s easy to memorize.

Paul Davison Clubhouse

Who is the third person on Clubhouse?

Tiffanny Haddish a famous women in movie industry, is the third person on Instagram with more than 3.9 million followers. Her Clubhouse ID is (@tiffanyhaddish1). You can follow her and learn some new things from her Clubhouse account.

Tifanny Haddish Clubhouse

What other famous pages are in Clubhouse to follow?

There are about 5 more pages to follow on Clubhouse that have more than 3 million followers. 4- Mark Andreesen with 3.6 million followers (@pmarca). 5- Jared Leto with 3.5 million followers (@jaredleto). 6- Van Jones has more than 3.3 million Clubhouse followers and took the 6th place (@van). 7- Ben Horowitz is the 7th person on Clubhouse and has 3.2 million members. (@bentonio). 8- Finally, Andrew Chen is on the 8th place with more than 3.1 million followers (@andrew).

Summary of what mentioned above

In the article above, I have introduced you 8 different Clubhouse accounts that you can follow and learn some new things of them. Clubhouse is so new ,and in near future we’ll see more stunning accounts. Take care.

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