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Mario-Dedivanovic makeup artist

Why do people use Instagram? What is the secret to its amazing popularity? Now, it is one of the most exciting social media. Thanks to more than one billion users, it lets them explore the world as they wish! In fact, no matter who you are, there is something for everyone! Are you a businessman? Well, you can start selling your products and making some money. Are you a blogger? Perfect! Create an Instagram page and share what you know with others. Or, maybe, you are looking for a healthy atmosphere to spend time on. Instagram is perfect for you too. That’s why many companies buy Instagram followers or buy Instagram views to boost their business. Therefor, in this essay I am going to tell you the best makeup artists on Instagram.

Even more exciting, are you an influencer trying to reach some fame on it? Great! Open your page and impact people’s taste! This is what we are going to talk about today. If you are a fan of cosmetic products, I’ll suggest you follow us until the end.

Who is a makeup artist?

In the beginning, a makeup artist had a narrow definition. Traditionally, it used to refer to people who work on other people’s bodies and do makeup, especially on their faces. However, with the explosion of social media, being a makeup artist is more of a very profitable business compared to the past. You might wonder how, right? Well, it’s easy! It’s because of Instagram! let me explain what I mean.

Now, you cannot distinguish between the words makeup artist and influencers. Currently, many influencers are makeup artists too. Interestingly, many companies and brands that produce cosmetic products pay them to advertise their product. And, where better than Instagram with all those amazing features? Usually, influencers sit behind the camera and start doing markup on themselves. While they are doing so, they give a compliment about a specific brand. That’s how millions of people will see and get tempted to buy. So, who are these makeup artists? In the following section, we are going to introduce the most famous makeup artists, on Instagram.

The most popular makeup artists on Instagram

Interestingly, most makeup artists are men, although we have some successful females too. They are from different countries advertising very diverse brands of cosmetic products. Now, let’s review some of them here.

Hung Vanngo makeup artist on Instagram

Hung Vanngo (@hungvanngo)

Do you know she had done makeup on many celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, and Sophie Turner? He is a Vietnamese makeup artist with more than two million followers. Also, he is represented by The Wall Group | WME-IMG.

Mario-Dedivanovic makeup artist

Mario Dedivanovic (@makeupbymario)

Wow! He, as an American makeup artist, has more than 8 million followers! His Instagram page is very engaging with all those glamorous photos of models. Also, he’s pretty active on Twitter and YouTube too. He has a tight collaboration with Kim Kardashian.

Lisa Eldridge makeup artist on Instagram

Lisa Eldridge (@lisaeldridgemakeup)

She’s one of the most successful figures in the business. She has more than one million followers know as a professional makeup artist, the founder of Lisa Eldridge Makeup & Jewels, and NY Times Bestselling Author. In fact, she is very famous for her modern approach to beauty.

Pat McGrath makeup artist

Pat McGrath (@patmcgrathreal)

As a British black makeup artist, she’s been working so hard to get nearly 3.5 million followers on Instagram. Vogue magazine named her the most influential makeup artist in the work. Also, in 2019, Time magazine put her as one of the 100 people influential people. What do you need more from a makeup artist?

How to become a well-known makeup artist?

Is that possible for you to become a makeup artist? Yes, it’s totally doable if you devote yourself to the business. In fact, there are some tips you need to follow to reach your dreams. No need to say you have to open a very professional Instagram page, right? Then, the real business starts. Here are some tips:

– Don’t think about money issues at first. If you are good enough, doing makeup for some clients for free and sharing it on Instagram will boost your profession.

– Sometimes, you have to travel a lot. Although traveling could be an exciting experience, you have to deal with other obstacles on the way.

– It is not recommended to do makeup every day. Instead, use the element of surprise and come up with something unique.

– It is always good to produce educational content. In this way, more people will come and appreciate your knowledge more.


Beauty and fashion are always fascinating! What is better than being in the industry as a makeup artist. Here, we introduced four of the most famous makeup artists in the world. Check their Instagram pages and enjoy.

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