Make money from Clubhouse

How to make money from Clubhouse

Nowadays, social platform platforms are among the most diverse products. They are some popular with everyone. In fact, nobody can live without them. It doesn’t matter whether people are using them for fun or promoting their business. There is room for every idea, business, art, etc. the key to their success is their visual content. Every day, people post millions of photos and videos on these platforms. However, there are other ways of communication too. For example, how nice it would be if we could share audio files. Now, we have such a social platform. It is called Clubhouse. Interestingly, it is becoming famous gradually. So, many businesses have converged on it to make money. In this short essay, we are going to learn about Clubhouse. Also, we talk about different ways to make money from Clubhouse.


How to use Clubhouse

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a social app that allows members to have live conversations. In fact, there are many private and public rooms. People can enter these rooms and engage in many diverse conversations. There are moderators, speakers, and members in each group. The moderator manages the conversation. Speakers participate and other members can listen. Optionally, moderators can let non=speakers express their opinions. So, in a way, it is kind of an interactive podcast.

There are two limitations with Clubhouse. First, it is only for the iOS system. Also, you cannot enter Clubhouse by yourself. To join Clubhouse, you have to get invited. In fact, a person who is already a member of Clubhouse should send you an invitation. Anyway, very soon, millions of people will join it. So, it is the best place for making money. Here are some ways to do that at Clubhouse?

Best way to make money from Clubhouse

How could you make money from Clubhouse?

People are usually interested in new social applications. Let’s see how you can earn money from Clubhouse:


Currently, there are many rooms in which you can present your business idea. You get the chance to talk and present your ideas to entrepreneurs and influencers who are in these rooms. If they like your ideas, you can work on them and develop your business. However, sometimes, entrepreneurs are harsh to people which could impact them badly.

Brand partnerships

The same as the above-mentioned topic, you can contact other businessmen/women and entrepreneurs and expand your business. There are many growing brands waiting for big money to dominate the market.

Membership fee

This hasn’t happened yet. However, it might happen in the future. there is a feature on Clubhouse called clubs. People with the same interests are members of these clubs. So, for example, if you start a club and ask famous people to join, then, you can charge people who like to join.

Become a panelist

Imagine that you are teaching at university. You are an expert on, for example, physiology. There are many rooms about physiology in Clubhouse. The creators of these rooms can invite you to speak as a panelist. Also, the creator must pay to have you as a panelist.

Talk about your product/service

Simply, you can advertise your products and services. There are rooms for people who like to buy new products/services. Just join these rooms and share your products/services. If you wait for enough, people will come to you.

Affiliate Marketing

This is true with other social platforms too. You advertise other people’s products/services. When Clubhouse users buy those products/services via your referral link, you will get your commission. So, you have to search for rooms with people interested in buying your products.

Creating clubhouse content

Content is one of the most important elements of social platforms. Clubhouse is not an exception too. By creating transcripts for lectures and meetings you can earn money from creating audio content. Perhaps, audio content is not very popular these days. However, it definitely grows very fast soon.

What are the pros of Clubhouse?

As you can see, there are many advantages associated with Clubhouse. The first one is interactivity which lets you learn and contribute at the same time in conversation rooms. Secondly, you will benefit from networking as people with different business goals are joining it. Thirdly, accessing subject matter experts facilitates your connection with them. You might not be given the chance to meet them in the real world. However, there is no such limitation on Clubhouse.  


Clubhouse is the latest social platform in 2021. It doesn’t look like any other social platform as it is based on audios. There are a few limitations with it today. However, it is not impossible to imagine that millions of users will join it in the future. That’s why many businesses are thinking of investing in it. Here, in this essay, we reviewed some ways in which investment becomes possible.

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