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Use Instagram story highlights

How to Use Instagram Stories Highlights?

Why do you think Instagram is one of the most popular social media in the world? How has it been able to adsorb more than one billion followers in just 10 years? Well, where do I even begin? First, Instagram is a very visual social media. Therefore, it is very appealing to users because humans are naturally visual animals. Also, it acts like a hub for celebrities, athletes, politicians, etc. Interestingly, businessmen are really interested in it. Why is that? Because of the opportunities for boosting their business. In this article I will explain that how you can use Instagram story highlights.

What are the stories feature?

Additionally, Instagram never stops updating its features. One of these features is Story. Basically, the story is content that you can post on your profile but disappears after 24 hours. It could be a short video, an interesting photo, or a small text. However, sometimes you need to keep your stories for upcoming followers. Is this possible? Can we keep our stories forever in our profile? Yes, it is! Do you want to know how? Here, in this text, we are going to show you how to use the Instagram story highlights. Let’s get started.

What are Instagram Highlights

What are Instagram Highlights?

So, what are Instagram stories’ highlights? In fact, highlights are your stories with the same content. However, you can keep them permanently in your profile. One question that comes to our mind is the importance of highlights. So, here are some of the positive impacts of highlights:

A nice source for ongoing events in your life or business 

Imagine that you travel to different cities and give lectures to people interested in your business. Every time you have a presentation you post a story. However, you might have new followers who want to catch up with your business. Stories highlights make this happen for followers to get to know your business very quickly.

Accessibility of educational short videos

Disappearing your story content is effective in boosting your reach. How? Well, when your followers know that you are producing educational content, they will visit your page more often. Why? Because they don’t want to miss your educational stories. However, with highlights, they still visit your page but are sure that your content is saved somewhere safe.

Edit Instagram story

How to add to/edit Instagram Story

Here, we are going to guide you to add or edit the Instagram story highlights. First, you need to tap on the profile picture. here, you have access to all your stories. Choose the one you want to add to highlight. Then, choose the icon on the right bottom icon (a love icon with dots around it). Next, you will get the option “Add to Highlights”. Here, you have different folders for different subjects. Don’t worry! Instagram will ask you every time you want to add story highlights. Just tap on the correct highlight folder. Done is done! Don’t forget! folders’ name is very important. It lets you organize all your stories. Also, these folders make it easier for your followers to access wanted content very fast.

Are highlights possible without adding to stories?

Yes! Of course! It is possible to add highlights without adding to your stories. However, it’s a bit hard. I want to make it easy for you. First, open your Instagram account. Then, go to your setting (three lines in the top right corner and then the gear option at the bottom). Next, go to the “Privacy” and then “Story”. Here, you should tap on the “Hide Story from”. After that, you have to click on all your followers and then confirm it. Now, when you add a Story, it will go to your story Archives after 24 hours. When it goes to your archives you continue with the same procedure as I explained earlier.  

Some tips for benefiting the most from stories highlights

I know! The highlighted icon is very small! So, you should work hard to give the right impression. The text or icon you use for highlights must be very eye-catching. Otherwise, nobody is willing to open them.

For example, you can use the logo of your brand. Also, you can have an innovative short title for your highlights. Emojis, cure icons, and cartoons are also very engaging. They should be good enough to make your followers click on them. If you are using colors, don’t forget to choose colors related to your business logo. Finally, a good application for designing Instagram highlights cover icons is Canva. It lets you make your cover as engaging as possible.


What is the key to your success? Does it help you when you buy buy Instagram video views, or buy Instagram story views, or even buy Instagram comments? Not necessarily. it will happen when you know how to use Instagram properly. Here, we discussed story highlights because they are very important for boosting your reach.

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