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What is Instagram bot

If you are an Instagram professional user, you may get tired to put and upload everything on your account. So what’s the solution? You wish you had someone to do you Instagram tasks. Therefore, if you want to hire an Instagram admin for your page, you should pay more than $2000 per month! I it costs crazy. So the best thing you can do is to use Instagram bots. In this article I am going to show you what Instagram bot you should choose, and how to use it. 

Why to use Instagram bot?

Indubitably Instagram is one of the greatest social media of all time. So if you want become successful and popular on it, you should manage it on the best way. You may wanted to hire an admin for you page but your expenses will increase a lot. So the best thing to do is to use an Instagram bot, and it will cost about $99 per year ($2300 less yearly). Also controlling an Instagram bot is much easier than controlling an admin. With only few clicks you can manage the bot in any time you want, but for managing the admin you should contact him in only working hours. Also, you can monitor your account by yourself in few seconds.

What is the best bot to use?

There is about 10 popular Instagram bots to use, but here I will introduce the best and famous one. Ninjagram is one of the best bots for Instagram due to some reasons. First of all it’s cheap and it cost about $99 per year. Second it is secure and you can do a lot of tasks such as auto-follow, Auto-unfollow, Auto-like, Auto-comment, Account protection, Auto-accept-requests, Image resizer etc. You can download and purchase Ninjagram bot on their website (

Ninjagram is a popular Instagram bot

What an Instagram bot do?

You can order a bot to Auto-follow others accounts.

You can order a bot to Auto-unfollow others  accounts.

You can order a bot to Auto-like others posts.

You can order a bot to comment on others posts.

You can order a bot to view others videos.

You can order a bot to comment on others posts.

You can order a bot to import/export others ID’s.

The most important thing is that you can monitor your account on the best way. 

Is it safe to use an Instagram bot?

As you know, safety is the most significant thing on Instagram. Fortunately, most Instagram bots are aware from Instagram restrictions, and they use your account based on Instagram rules. So don’t worry of your account. Although most bots are helpful for your account, but you should be aware of some dangerous bots because some new bots may still your username and password, so they can destroy your account. Also, you can choose Ninjagram that is really safe and secure.

Summary of what mentioned above

To sum up, I think that is depends on your situation to decide to use an Instagram bot or not. Basically, it is so good for your account and it can grow your page much faster, but you have to be aware of the security of a bot that your are going to choose. In my opinion if your account is that big that you cannot control it, it’s better to use an Instagram bot. On the other hand if you have a small account with few number of followers, controlling it by yourself is much better. 

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