Instagram 2 step authentication

Instagram 2 step authentication

If you are one of those Instagram users that care a lot about the security, you must read this article. Security of your page means everything. You know that if you set a weak password for your page, your account can get hack easily. Setting up Instagram 2 step authentication for your account is also a important thing to do. It will reduce the chance for hackers to reach your account because the code will only send to your own number. If you don’t know how to set up 2 step authentication read this article to the end.

How do I turn on two step authentication on Instagram?

First of all you need to login to your Instagram account (it can be on any platform). After that you should got to the settings. Then you need to find security button and click on it. Now you should tap on the Two-factor authentication. Then click on Get Started and enter your phone number or use authenticator app. Congratulation, you increased the security of your account in less than 5 minutes. If you don’t know still choose which option for Instagram 2 step authentication read the rest of article.

Instagram two step authentication method

Phone number or Authenticator app ( Which one should I choose)

Actually, it depends on your location and situation. If you live in a country that is supported by Instagram, best option for you is to choose phone number because it is available for you until you change your number. On the other hand, if you live in land that has banned or restricted by Instagram, you should choose Authenticator app, because you can use it all over the world and it don’t require your phone number. Consider that if you change your mobile phone, all of the codes in Authenticator app will disappear, so you should backup your phone before changing it. 

How can I turn off two step authentication

To be honest with you, I recommend you to stop doing this because it’s harmful for you account, but if you really want to do it, here is the solution. At first you need to go to the security of your account. Then open up Two-factor authentication, and switch off the authentication that you had chosen before. Then paste the code and now you have turned your Instagram 2 step authentication off.

How do I login to Instagram if I lost my phone with two factor authentication?
You have two options for doing this. First option is to login with an other account that you have logged in before like other phones or on desktop. If you don’t have access to those phones or desktops, you need to step forward and use an other method. Now you have to put your email address, so Instagram will send you a code that you can login with. If Instagram didn’t accept your email address and didn’t send you a code, you need to contact them and give the all the information they need for restoring your account. 
Is two factor authentication 100% safe?
Nothing is 100% safe, but I assure you that if you set up 2 step authentication on your Instagram account, you reduce the risk of getting hack up to 95%. So choice is yours to secure your account to the high level or don’t do anything for it. 
Summery of what mentioned above

Using 2 step authentication on your Instagram page is the best thing to do for increasing the security of your account. You can choose between your phone number and Authenticator app based on your location. So it’s your account and you can do whatever you want with its security and I only told you the best way to make your account safer. Take care 

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