How to Start Social Media Marketing


How to Start Social Media Marketing :Without a doubt, social media are in the center of convergence. This is mainly because of the freedom they give to us. It is not important whether you are a soccer player, model, teacher, or anybody else. It is not even important how different your lifestyle is. All people can express themselves! However, it doesn’t stop there.

Besides, businesses are taking advantage of social media. They expect that people see and finally buy their services and products. As a result, start social media marketing has been created to satisfy such demands. So, let see what social media marketing is all about. Also, why it’s so important for brands.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing happens when businesses use different social media platforms and websites to advertise their products and services. Experts use the words e-marketing and digital marketing for social media marketing. These platforms have data analytics tools. Tracking the success of ad campaigns is evaluated by such tools. Accordingly, brands make decisions about whether it’s beneficial to keep supporting a specific ad campaign.

How to Start Social Media Marketing

Some exciting facts about social media

Why social media platforms are the best place for businesses? Is it just because there are too many people using them every day? Of course, that’s a big deal! First, let’s review some facts. Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, and Instagram are among the top six social media platforms.

Did you know that there are more than 3.7 billion active social media users? This means half of the whole population of the world! That’s amazing, isn’t it? Internet users, on average, spend more than two hours on social media platforms. This is a great opportunity for brands to get visibility. Aside from the popularity of social media platforms, we should highlight the importance of our lifestyle.

How does social media marketing work?

Brands adopt two strategies to use social media platforms. These strategies include passive and active approaches. First of all, the passive approach is one of the cheapest ways. Brands track the problems related to their services and products. Then, they can easily take action and reply before everybody becomes aware of the issue. Secondly, in the active approach, brands consider a specific group of users called influencers. expert have estimated that brands will spend around $15 billion on influencer marketing by 2020.

Who are influencers? Why they are so important in social media marketing? Influencers are users on social media platforms with a lot of followers. They are popular and reliable in their field. Models, actors, and actresses, athletes, novelist, etc. can be considered as influencers. Brands pay them to advertise and support specific products or services.

How to Start Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing, how to start?

Here are some suggestions and recommendations for you. Use them before you start your business on social media.

– Define a goal. Then, you must take steps accordingly. For example, are you looking for generating direct sales? offering a form of customer service? and even building relationships with your customers? The more focused your goal is, the more productive your content becomes.

– There are certain things that you don’t find challenging. Is managing your social media easy? Are replying to people’s questions and comments handy? Or is constant production of the content as easy as you think? No they aren’t! They become a pain in the ass when you don’t hire someone to do them for you.

– Posting an excellent picture doesn’t necessarily help you. They might not be interested in pictures. They might prefer videos, right? So, it is better to conduct a poll. Try to know your followers’ taste. Then, expose them with whatever they like.

– The more, the better? It doesn’t matter if you have 500k followers when they rarely give your content like or comment! Don’t sacrifice quantity over quality. People will soon see it through and stop relying on you. So, the correct slogan might be something else. The more engaged your followers are, the more influential you become!

Some more general tips

– Be diverse. It is better to post your content in different features.

– Post regularly. Set a time and post on time.

– learn new methods and concepts. You should be able to adapt to changes.

– Have the same name on different platforms.

– Make contact and buy followers, likes, video views, etc. for your Instagram. Don’t worry, it’s legal.

– Plan to work with famous influencers. Ask them nicely to introduce you to their followers.

– Don’t forget about advertising in old ways. It is always nice to advertise in the real world.

– Be online. Your followers enjoy when you reply them very fast. Be patient when they criticize and don’t disappoint them.

– Spend money for advertising. It is not waste of money when you get more famous.

In this essay we first defined social media. then, we explored why they are important for businesses. we provided some facts about them to support the importance. Then, we explained active and passive approaches. You understand the role of influencer in marketing.

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