How to download from Instagram?

download from Instagram

Instagram is one of the most visual social media. It mainly depends on millions of photos and videos uploaded by Instagram users. Then, you have the chance to react to them in many different ways. Perhaps, you like to comment on a few of them. Or, you might intend to show your support. So, you go and like photos and videos from your friends’ Instagram page. However, you sometimes need to download content from Instagram. For example, you have found a nice and short video, showing you how to cook a very delicious cake. You don’t want to miss this. So, you go and download it.

In this essay, we want to teach you how to download from Instagram. First, we would like to discuss the importance of videos and photos. Let’s get started.

download Instagram features content

Download Instagram features’ content

We usually come across very exciting content on Instagram. It could be photos, videos, or stories. We would like to save them and watch them later offline. That is why many people ask how to download from Instagram. You should know that Instagram doesn’t allow you to download content. However, there are some ways of downloading from Instagram. First, let see why photos and videos and other features like stories are so much important.

Covering various events

If you are running a business, it will be important to share important events with your followers. However, you don’t like to annoy your followers with tons of photos on their feed. The best way is to use one story. So, the followers will see it if they are interested. This event could be an anniversary or opening for new products. Probably, many people will miss your story because they have been busy. So, downloading it and sharing it later helps your brand.

Increasing engagement rate

Obviously, photos and videos get attention more than texts. Thanks to thousands of creative interesting tools, photos and videos are more appealing to people. You can convey your message friendlier. However, it usually takes more time to produce videos and photos. So, downloading them gives you a good source of inspiration. In this way, you come up with more engaging content that boosts your reach.

Statistics does say it all

A quick overview of statistics related to photos and video just shows how important they are, especially for businesses. It is not surprising that many businesses buy Instagram video views PayPal and buy Instagram likes PayPal. Just take these statistics to understand how popular visual content is. Every day, nearly 300 million stories are posted. Most of them are related to businesses.

Also, users have posted nearly 50 billion photos since two years ago. This number reaches 80 million photos daily. The popularity of videos is a fixed fact. To illustrate, more than five million videos were posted in just 24 hours when Instagram was launched in 2013. That is why many businesses work very hard on their story content. Then, they buy Instagram story views PayPal.

download Instagram stories

A step-by-step guide to the question of how to download from Instagram

Now, we are going to walk you through six simple steps to master the question of how to download from Instagram. I want to talk about how to download Instagram videos and photos. Be aware that this method works on public pages. First, select a wanted photo or video you want to download. You can see three dots on the top right of the content, right? tab on it and then press on Copy Link. After that, go and open one browser such as Google, Yahoo, etc. go to the website and paste the link. Done is done. Finally, just tap on the Download image. You have now downloaded your content.

Now, what about Instagram stories? Can they be downloaded? Yes, of course, they can. Again, you can apply this method to stories posted on public pages. first, go to Then, copy and paste the Instagram username of the story you want to download on the Storiesig website. After this, you will see a list of active and previous stories. Just click on your pleasured story and tap on the Download icon. That’s it. Now, you have saved the story on your device.


In this short essay, we talked about simple steps for downloading from Instagram. It could be photos, videos, and stories. It helps us to watch our favorite content offline. Downloading also helps businesses to get inspiration from their competitors’ content. I hope you have found this essay helpful and practical.

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