How to Change Your Instagram Name

How Change Instagram name

We are back with another interesting topic! Are you an Instagram user? Are you looking for ways to get more followers? So, buckle up! here, we are going to talk about how to change your Instagram name and username. You might ask whether they are important? Of course, they are! Your name and your user name are very important in attracting followers, getting Likes, etc. I’m going to open this topic a bit.

Why Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Everybody has his/her chance to get famous and become rich. Also, you can express your lifestyle without being shamed. Everybody with a very strange life is there, talking openly. Now, there are more than one billion users on Instagram. Therefore, it is one of the most attractive niches for businesses too. Thanks to very engaging features, companies and brands can advertise themselves in many different ways. for example, they can ask an Instagram influencer to advertise for them. They can take advantage of Stories, Live, posts, etc. to make some money.

So, what should you do for becoming famous on Instagram? You might say more followers and more likes and comments are very helpful. Yes! That’s true. However, before anything else, you must be visible. I mean people can easily find you on Instagram. This is when your name and user name comes up. The more interesting and attractive your name and user name is; the more chance you have to appear in people’s search. Let see what are name and username on Instagram and how to change it if it is not so attractive.

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Instagram username & name sample

What are Instagram name and username?

When you open your page on Instagram, you see two things. One is your username which is shown on the top of your page. If you are a famous figure or brand, a blue check sing is near your username. On the other hand, your name is written under your profile picture. The name is usually your real name and last name or your brand’s name. one thing is very important! Both name and username are searchable! This creates an amazing opportunity for you to double your chance of being appeared on people searches.

Some tips for choosing Instagram name and username

As I mentioned earlier, your name and username can increase your chance of attracting people. here are some tips before choosing inappropriate titles.

– Try to choose different titles for your name and username. Why? because in this way, you increase your chance of becoming famous.

– Consider using periods or underscores in your username. a series of letters without any space or periods wouldn’t seem appealing. it might look very hard to understand.

– If you are running a business, you can easily choose your brand’s name. However, you can go for a short description of your business. For example, @best_bikini would be a nice description, if you are producing a swimsuit instead of the name of your brand.

– Learn about the most popular keywords on Instagram. It is very practical to add one or two keywords into your username.

– Your name and username must be easy to remember and spell.

– The shorter the better. a short name or username is catchier. People don’t have time to spend time understanding your long and complicated titles. Also, don’t use any special characters, random letters, or symbols. If you do this, it just makes it harder for people to find you.

– What would be a very awful tactic? Adding gender, ethnicity, and religion into your name or username. I know, I know that you don’t mean to be disrespectful toward Christians when your username is @passionate_muslim, but you don’t have time to explain this to people. avoid misunderstanding.

How to Change Your Instagram Name?

So, maybe you have chosen a name for your Instagram page in a hurry. Now, you want to change it. it’s very easy. Let dive in.

– First, open your Instagram page and tap on the icon in the bottom right of the screen. Can you see it? it’s your picture profile.

– Then, press the Edit Profile.

– Now, you can easily change your name in the box in front of the Name. the same is true if you want to do this from a browser.


in this essay, we talked a little bit about the importance of your Instagram name and username. they are very important for influencers, businesses, and everyone on Instagram. Also, we explained how you can change your name as fast as possible. I hope you enjoyed this essay. don’t worry! We will get back to you with new content very soon.

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