How to be seen on Instagram

How to be seen on Instagram

Nowadays, everything is possible on Instagram. Basically, we depend on it for all daily and important activities. First of all, we use it for the sake of entertainment. Sometimes, nothing better than lying down on your bed and checking funny videos can relax you. Secondly, we might use it for getting information and the latest news. In this way, you will not miss anything as Instagram circulates data very fast. Here, in this short article, we are going to introduce some tips to be seen on Instagram.


More importantly, Instagram is one of the manifestations of online marketing. Every day, millions of people make millions of purchases. That’s why there are more than 30 million businesses are active on Instagram. And, that’s why many people are willing to buy Instagram followers or even buy Instagram likes to get more customers. In fact, businesses do these things to be seen more. The more visibility you get; the more money you are going to make.

Pick a niche is a way to be seen on Instagram

Pick a niche is a useful way to be seen on Instagram

This tip is very simple but hard to do! Be specific! I know, it seems nice to have an Instagram page where you can post about whatever you like. However, you should know it doesn’t last! You will end up confused and deciding not to do it anymore. So, it would be great to pick a niche for yourself. For example, if you are interested in soccer, start creating exciting and original content about it. Or, if you try to sell household products, publish a series of articles about the best household brands.

Use hashtags, not too much not too many

How do people search on Instagram? According to statistics, most people search for content with hashtags. Yes, they might search by username or name but most people apply hashtags. So, it means that if you don’t use them correctly, nobody finds you on Instagram. Nobody sees you even though you are putting energy and time into creating exciting content. So, learn about famous hashtags for your niche and use them accordingly.

Posting must be according to a plan

If you post too many times, your followers will not check on you anymore. Why? Because they know you will not continue this. It would be better to post less frequently but more regularly. It means posting twice a week at a specific time on the day works better than posting too many times at different times.

Don’t disappoint your followers

Your followers expect you to communicate with them when they engage with your content. For example, when you post something and followers comment on it, reply one by one and encourage them to visit your page more. Show your online presence by answering their queries very quickly. Even when they like your content, like them back or say something constructive.

Use Instagram features 

If you are running a business, you will need to show a bit of personality. I mean your followers must be able to get to know you. If they trust in you as a business manager, they will buy from you more. How is that even possible to create trust? Very easily! Go Live or apply Stories! When you go live, you will get your followers the chance to talk to you face to face and accept you. The same is true about stories as they boost your popularity.

Create original content on Instagram

Create original content

One of the best ways to show your followers that you are serious about your page is to create original content. In fact, when you create original content, you will show your passion, and followers understand it quickly. It also shows that you are a knowledgeable and well-skilled person. For example, you need to know how to work with Photoshop software for creating photos. Or, you have to know the principles of SEO to create exciting and informative text.

Add call-to-action buttons

Imagine that your followers show interest in your business. How should they contact you? This is where a well-placed call-to-action button will make a difference. If they don’t find it quickly, they will leave. So, be accessible and provide different contact methods like email, phone number, other social platform accounts, etc.


Businesses are in a race to get visibility online. This is very important because the more reaches you get; the more money you are going to make. However, there is no secret involved here. In fact, you just need to follow some sets of rules. Here, we tried to talk about some of them like how to be seen on Instagram. I hope you found them useful.

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