How to add music to Instagram Stories?

How to add music to Instagram Stories? Nowadays, you can ignore the power of social media platforms. You might not find them interesting. However, they are a very important part of everybody. For example, what would be your only day to talk to your family and friends when you live in another country? Or, how can you catch up with new lifestyles and trends? More importantly, we can’t go out and have fun as easily as before the COVID-19 pandemic. So, even for shopping for food, clothes, and gadgets, you have to rely on Social media platforms.

Also, it doesn’t stop there, businesses are also taking advantage of social platforms. They use many different ways to advertise on social media. for example, they might pay influencers to prompt a specific product/service for them. Besides, they are producing content to attract followers. Obviously, they need to get more followers, Likes, comments, and views. These measures will show how successful they have been in adsorbing potential customers.

Why Instagram is the best place to add music to your story?

Definitely, Instagram is growing very fast. Now, it has more than one billion users. They come from different countries, lifestyles, ethnicities, and religions. Instagram is an American photo and video sharing social networking service, launched in 2010. It is extremely appealing and engaging to people. this is because Instagram has many interesting features. Instagram constantly adds these features to keeps its platform on the top. You can post videos and photos. Also, you can tag or mention people and pages. So, more connections will be made. Using Hashtags is also another way of getting visibility.

What is Instagram Story?

The story is another featured provided by Instagram. But what exactly it is? Let me put it this way. For example, sometimes you like to share a video or photo. However, you don’t like to keep it forever. People do this for many different reasons. For example, you like to share a video of you and your girlfriend just because of an announcement. You just want to say look! I have a boyfriend, that’s all. The story would do it perfectly.

Also, it keeps the atmosphere of Instagram so dynamic. The story is the best place for advertising your products/services. That is why nearly 30 million businesses are using it every day. So, let see why Instagram Story is so practical and important.
– First, based on the statistics, people share nearly half a billion Stories every day. What does it mean? It means they crazily love this!
– Second, people started spending more time (by 40 minutes) every day for surfing on Instagram. So, it makes Story such a fruitful target for businesses to focus on.
– Advertising on Stories is shown to be very successful. Basically, it is a win-win situation for influencers and businesses. Businesses will benefit more. Also, influencers get paid more.

How to add music to Instagram Stories?

Great ideas for Instagram Stories music

You must produce engaging Stories. People would notice them when they are just colorful texts. They need more to be attracted. Here are some very useful Instagram Stories ideas for you to get visibility.

– You should think of some ways to engage your followers. Conducting polls is good very. In this way, you have the chance to get to know them better too.

– Create educational content. For example, how to work with popular software. Or, how to learn English more efficiently.

– Introduce other people and pages to collaborate with them. you will need them somewhere else.

– There are many more engaging methods. Just google and use it wisely.

How to add music to Instagram Stories?

So, adding music makes your Stories absolutely engaging. Why? Because nobody likes a bare text! It’s boring! Music brings emotions to it. you don’t know how to add it to your Stories? Oh, it’s pretty simple! Here are the steps:

– First, open your page and press the camera button or the Story icon.

– Second, choose photos or videos on the camera screen.

– Now, you can add filters or any special effects to your content.

– Next, you should tap the Sticker icon once you intend to add the music. Later, press the Music sticker.

– After that, you will be directed to the Instagram music library. Here, you can choose from thousands of songs. A preview will be played if you like to make sure before adding it to your Story.

– Interestingly, you can cut the song so that only your desired part is played on your Story. The maximum is 15 seconds.

– If the lyrics are very famous, you can also have it on your Instagram story.

– Don’t make it very busy! You can attach GIFs, polls, hashtags, etc. as well.

– When you are ok with fonts, stickers, colors, etc., press the “Your Story”.


Here, we talked about the importance of Story on Instagram. First, we defined it and then brought you some cool ideas. In the end, we explained how to add music to your Stories to make them more engaging. I hope you enjoyed it! Starting adding music to your Story right now.

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