How much YouTube pays per views?

YouTube pays per views

YouTube is fine, exciting, and engaging. Every day, millions of videos are being shared on this platform. We definitely benefit from them in many ways. YouTube gives you the chance to get entertained, informed, and well-educated without paying anything. It is one of the biggest databases in the world. Also, it helps you find people with the same interest as you across the world. So buckle up because I want to tell you how much exactly YouTube pays per views?


You might have a YouTube channel and are enjoying it. However, it would be difficult to run it without too many financial prospects. In fact, you will start thinking about creating content, enjoying it, and eventually getting paid for it. If you like to enjoy creating content related to your passion and earn money too, I’ll suggest you follow us until the end.

make money on YouTube

How to make money & how much YouTube pays you per views?

Before answering the question of how much money YouTube pays you for views, you must ask another question. This is the question: how to make money on YouTube in the first place? you have to meet several requirements. Then, YouTube will review your channel and starts paying you if you are eligible. Let see what are these requirements:

having at least 1000 subscribers

First, you need to have at least 1000 subscribers. To do that, you need to regularly create original and creative content. There are many techniques you can apply to boost your reach and get more subscribers.

Passing 4000 hours watch time

It is not enough to just post a video on your channel. Those videos must be unique and engaging so that your subscribers show interest in watching them. They might click on your videos, open them, and get out very quickly. This doesn’t help you. You can learn how to keep your audience until the end of your videos.

Earning some money

According to YouTube, earning at least $100 worth of revenue is critical for your channel to be reviewed by YouTube. What does this mean? It basically means that you must have nearly 50000 views for your videos to convince YouTube your channel is worth being paid.

What happens next? As soon as you hit YPP eligibility thresholds, you have to sign up for the Partner Program terms and also create a Google AdSense account. Now, you are good to go for getting paid. Now, we should face the next question! How much are you going to get for views?

Does YouTube views matter

Do video views matter when it comes to pay per view?

Ok, let’s keep it simple. Imagine that you have only 1000 views. How much YouTube is going to pay you for that? Well, in general, you are going to receive one to three dollars per 1000 dollars. However, there are many ways that you can apply to boost your earning. Believe it or not, if you do very well, you will have the chance of earning more than $20 per 1000 views. That’s amazing, isn’t it? So, let me see what we can do:

Make sure that advertisements are not blocked

This is very easy to do but important to remember. You must create clean content. By clean I mean no swearing, no naked bodies, and things like that. Also, your videos cannot target kids to make them buy or do something.

Don’t forget to create videos that are long enough

When your videos are more than 10 minutes, YouTube puts several advertisements on them. In this way, you are more likely to earn more money for 1000 views.

Don’t create content for ghosts and ferries! Focus on what people need 

To do this, you need to know what are the latest trends. You can search and find out what people like to watch. Or, what do people like to get information from? If you create content related to these trends you increase your chance of getting paid more than average by YouTube. For example, the five top topics in 2020 are makeup, gaming, food, yoga, and fitness, respectively.


Now, we know how to make money and how much YouTube pays you per views. First, YouTube must confirm you. After that, it completely ups. On average, you will earn one to three dollars per 1000 views. However, your profit can be increased by the following three tips. First, you need to create videos appropriate for YouTube. Also, you have to surpass the time threshold for receiving more ads per video. Finally, you need to pay attention to what people like to watch. Accordingly, you will get subscribers and views. You can buy YouTube subscribers or buy YouTube likes, or even buy YouTube views to get ahead of your competitors. I hope you enjoyed the essay! Take care and have fun.

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