Gain organic followers on Instagram

Gain organic followers on Instagram

Let’s start our article with a simple question. Why is everyone looking for gaining followers? Nowadays, having more followers on your Instagram page is a matter of great importance. In fact, that is why people and businesses sometimes buy Instagram followers and buy Instagram story views. In addition to making you more popular, having more followers allow you to get money for advertisements. So, how should we do this? Well, we are going to discuss it here. In this short article, we are going to review some of the most effective ways to gain organic followers on Instagram.

Who is an organic follower?

Well, what is the definition of the organic follower? Organic followers are those users who actually interact with your content. For example, you might spend too much money to get Instagram users in. However, even you have thousands of followers, nobody does anything. Commenting, liking and sharing doesn’t happen. In fact, this shows that something is wrong.

For instance, your business has an Instagram page for selling shoes. So, what is the point of having 500k followers when nobody gets interested and buys the shoes? In contrast, organic followers are not like that. If you attract them, you should see an increase in your engagement rate. Organic followers are willing to buy from you. Therefore, they are crucial to your business. What should we do to get more of them?

Secrets to get Instagram organic followers

Secrets to get Instagram organic followers

Interestingly, you just need to follow very simple rules if you want to get famous on Instagram. Here, we will review the techniques to gain organic followers on Instagram:

Be punctual and surprising at the same time

If people feel you are posting on your page according to a specific plan, they will come more often. They did this because they know there is always fresh content available on your page. So, don’t indulge in something! However, from time to time, it is better to surprise your users with something different.

Have more hashtags don’t mean more popularity

Please, use hashtags wisely. Sometimes, people think their posts are going to be viral just because of too many hashtags associated with them. However, this is not true! In fact, people will stop following you if they think you are wasting their time. So, it would be logical to use general and specific hashtags related to your business.

Collaborate with users related to your business

Networking is everything on Instagram. First, you can find people in your business. Then, share their content on your page and ask them to do the same for you. In this way, you will focus on your target audience rather than do a blind search. It is a win-win situation for everybody.

Don’t copy! Be original

Nothing better than good content can melt the Instagram users’ hearts. For example, create informative and exciting content specific to your niche. Interestingly, high-quality content will turn you into a professional businessman in your users’ eyes.

Follow SEO rules

Importantly, you have to follow SEO rules and regulations. What is SEO? Let me put it this way. The more SEO-focused your content is, the more likely you are getting reach on searches. Although it’s awesome to create entertaining content. However, entertaining content means nothing if your content is not seen. SEO makes you sure of it.

Apply different types of content

Amazingly, Instagram gives you very diverse tools to express yourself. Stories, polls, posts, IGTV, live, etc. are all great in conveying your message. However, you have to choose them wisely. For example, if you want to become more friendly with your followers, just go live and talk to them comfortably. Or, if you want to intrigue them, create polls and invite them to participate.

Don’t miss any opportunity

Of course, every comment, like, and share matters. You can use them all. How? For example, when you post something and people comment on it, reply to them very fast and show your online presence. Perhaps, one encouraging message from you is enough to invite them in. Or, when users like your content, go to their page and like the content.

Follow your competitors’ followers

Again, you can find your target audience in your competitors’ followers. They are like easy meat for you. Just follow them so they could access your content too.

Get organic followers


Getting organic followers is everybody’s dream on Instagram. If you have them, your high engagement rate is secured. Here, in this short article, we introduced some methods to attract them quickly.

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