Funny Instagram pages

Funny Instagram pages

Why Instagram is so engaging? Why everyone including more than 30 million businesses has a page on it. Well, just look at the exciting content of it! Also, check out its amazing dynamic nature. Every day, people upload millions of photos and videos on it. Then, users come and give like or comment on them. It is an amazing opportunity to communicate with people and benefit from new relationships. These relationships could be personal and lead to a nice friendship. More importantly, the relationships could be commercial, leading to generating leads and making more money. In fact, Instagram is so popular that many pages buy Instagram views and buy Instagram followers to get visibility and expand their business. Now, in this article, we are going to introduce some funny Instagram pages. Please, follow us until the end.

Top funny Instagram pages

Top funny Instagram pages

Here is the list of funniest Instagram pages on Instagram. Everyone is working on a specific or broad range of topics. Here they are:

Jerry of the Day – @jerryoftheday

– This is one of the most popular pages on Instagram will more than 1.8 million followers.

– Also, it uploads mainly funny videos from the wide world of sports.

– Moreover, this page has been active since 2011.

– Most of its videos are about extreme bloopers, bungles, gaffs, and boo-boos.

– Finally, there are many videos showing people are skiing and hitting on the ground in a very funny way. Usually, followers feed the page with their nice videos.

– Interestingly, the page offers a collection of clothes, hats, hoodies, socks, packs, neck tubes, glasses, and many more for all those people interested in skiing. You can find the link in the bio. This is the best way to make money out of your page.

Old Row – @oldrowofficial

– This page has nearly 2 million followers now.

– It is an entertainment website to post jokes, hot takes, babes, and vintage pictures.

– Sometimes, it shares images and videos that are +18.

– Interestingly, the engagement rate on the page is high as too many people comment on the content and like them.

– You cannot stop laughing! There are lots of funny videos happening very suddenly!

– Many of the videos are about crazy and stupid things people do at parties while they are drunk or something.

– Also, the page has a shop and sells mainly clothes and accessories.

Drunk People Doing Things – @drunkpeopledoingthings

– Amazingly, nearly 8 million followers are actively present on the pages.

– They propose different pranks for different occasions. For example, right now, they are offering Mother’s Day prank on Instagram. 

– Interestingly, they have a nice logo of a funny skeleton drinking something. 

– The page has unique products too.  

– Also, it shows what people are capable of when they are drunk. It shows how stupid people can get when they are drunk. It’s funny to see when a person can store all these related videos in one place. 

– Moreover, they have a website for selling products to the public. Their products are sweater, you’re The Shit, Mom – Chocolate Turd in A Box, and COVID-19 Vaccine Box – Chocolate dick.

– Finally, thanks to these funny moments, the engagement rate is very high. For example, one video received more than 370k like and nearly 6300 amazing comments!

Brown Cardigan – @browncardigan

– the page has nearly one million followers. 

– It is full of painful, crazy, and sometimes dangerous situations for ordinary people.

– Interestingly, each post reviews several thousand likes with a few thousand comments.

– Also, just like other pages, it has a shop for buying products.

Kookslams – @Kookslams

– This page has nearly 1.6 million followers.

– Followers can send their videos so they can be posted on the page.

– It has mainly funny videos related to water activities.

– In the shop, you can buy t-shirts and hats.

fuckjerry – @fuckjerry

– This is the most popular one on our list with more than 15.5 million followers. 

– Interestingly, this page is more diverse than others. 

– It shares funny children and animals’ moments as well as embarrassing moments. 

Summary funny Instagram pages


Many people choose Instagram as their main entertaining platform. This is an excellent choice because of all those crazily funny videos uploaded second by second. Here, in this short article, we introduced top funny Instagram pages. Interestingly, some are posting on very specific top. However, some others post more generally. I hope you liked this article. We will come back to you soon with new content. Take care and have fun checking these pages.  

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