Top Instagram Influencers & How to Get More Followers

Five TOP Instagram Influencers & How to Get More Followers

Five TOP Instagram Influencers & How to Get More Followers : Welcome to the strange world of Instagram! It’s where everybody has this chance to express his/her passions. You might use this to share funniest, the most exciting, horrifying, and occasionally depressing experiences of yours, am I right? This is what social networks are all about! And among these social networks, Instagram stands for its own! It is practically one of the best in terms of popularity, efficiency, productivity.


Have you got fed up by the fact the people are measured by just the amount of money they have, their beauty, or family nobility? Do you find this unfair? If so, I have bad news for you, because Instagram doesn’t offer anything more interesting than that! People are measured on Instagram too! The more views, likes, and comments you receive, the more popular and respectful you will get on Instagram! Whether you like it or not, that’s the reality of Instagram!

Who is an Influencer?

Who are Instagram Influencers?

Which one would you prefer? The academic definition? OK, here you are. puts it this way: an influencer can greatly influence social networks users’ decision-making processes due to their natural beauty, knowledge, expertise, fame. They somehow try to connect brands and potential customers.


Companies and brands are taking advantage of influencers” fame and popularity, campaigning with them at whatever cost to advertise their products. Wouldn’t people trust Cristiano Ronaldo if he just posted a picture of Nike shoes with a sexy caption?! Of course, they would! For them, it’s not the question of what brand he is advertising, it’s the question of what he is persuading you to do! Don’t tell me you won’t get tempted to wear one of those unbelievably sexy Victoria Secret’s bikinis worn by Jennifer Lawrence? Yes, the incredible power of Influencers! Now let’s have a look at the top ten influencers on Instagram.

Five top Instagram Influencers

Cristiano Ronaldo

1-     Cristiano Ronaldo, @cristiano

– 241 million followers, 2.33% engagement rate, and 4.1M authentic engagement

– Portuguese soccer player, age 35 years, a former member of Manchester United and Real Madrid soccer clubs, currently playing in Juventus club

– Net worth: More than $600 million

– average of $975,000 for each paid post on his account, earning $47.8 million from paid Instagram posts in 2018

 Five TOP Instagram Influencers & How to Get More Followers-Kylie Jenner

2-     Kylie Jenner, @kyliejenner

– 200 million followers, 3.04% engagement rate, and 4M authentic engagement

– American media personality, socialite, model, and businesswoman, 22 years

– The owner of Kylie Cosmetics, LLC

– is worth roughly $900 million

– Net worth: about $1 billion

– the world’s youngest self-made billionaire in 2019

– creating KENDALL + KYLIE is a lifestyle brand

Selena Gomez

3-     Selena Gomez, @selenagomez

– 195 million followers, 2.12% engagement rate, and 3.1M authentic engagement

– American singer, songwriter, actress, and television producer, age 28

– sold over 7 million albums and 22 million singles worldwide in 2017

– honored as the Billboard Woman of the Year in 2017

– Net worth: More than $75 million

– Launched a beauty line called Rare Beauty

– a spokesperson for UNICEF’s 2009 Trick-or-Treat campaign

– the ambassador of

Five TOP Instagram Influencers & How to Get More Followers-Ariana Grande

4-     Ariana Grande, @arianagrande

– 205 million followers, 1.84% engagement rate, and 2.6M authentic engagement

– American singer, songwriter, and actress, age 27

– Named as one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2016 and 2019 in the Time magazine

– received the Breakthrough Artist of the Year Award from the Music Business Association

– Also named in the annual list of highest-paid women in music in 2019 and 2020 by the Forbes magazine

– Net worth: More than $150 million

– Woman of the Year in 2018

 Five TOP Instagram Influencers & How to Get More Followers-Kim Kardashian

5-     Kim Kardashian West, @kimkardashian

– 191 million followers, 1.86% engagement rate, and 2.4M authentic engagement

– American media personality, socialite, model, businesswoman, and activist, age 39

– Net worth: More than $900 Million

– Founded KKW BEAUTY brand

– was charging $720,000 per Instagram post in 2018

– paid between $75,000 and $300,000 for each post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter advertising beauty products


Wow! I’m just flabbergasted! You might wonder how these people get so famous and popular? There is a lot to it, but let me tell you some basic rules for getting more followers. There are three crucial rules to keep in mind!

Five TOP Instagram Influencers & How to Get More Followers

How to Get More Followers?


–   Be consistent but also predictable:

 you must post regularly. Nobody likes you to be disorganized. For example, post every after eight hours. Also, you should take advantage of the different features provided by Instagram like posting videos, pictures, and leaving stories. Don’t let your followers predict what comes next.


–  Get involved and interact: 

it would be a great idea to post about controversial subjects and then engage your followers to express themselves. Reply to them in the comment section even with just a simple emoji.


–    Use hashtags and mention people wisely: 

Hashtags are not going to simply boost your page unless you use them wisely. You must check the news and find out what is the thing that everybody’s talking about! For example, it would be a great idea to post a picture of Cristiano Ronaldo on his birthday and use hashtag #cristiano_ronaldo’s_birthday! Wouldn’t be could to get a reply from Ronaldo himself?

I hope you enjoyed reading this essay. We will get back to you very soon with new content.

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