Download Twitter gif

Download twitter gif

Twitter is one of the most fast-growing social media in 2021. Amazingly, there are more than 1.3 billion accounts on it. What is Twitter after all? Have you joined Twitter yet? What do you use Twitter for? So, let see what Twitter is? Twitter allows users to send short posts. We call them tweets. You have a limitation of 140 characters. Also, Twitter lets you share other relevant information such as links. In this essay I am going to describe how to download a Twitter gif.

Benefits of download a Twitter gif

Perhaps, you want to use Twitter for your business, right? Sometimes, experts suggest you Buy Twitter followers or Buy Twitter video views to get visibility. Is it helpful? In fact, the answer is yes. Studies have shown that gaining customer insights and building brand personality are effectively achieved by Twitter. It also helps your business to get feedback and create a brand community.

What do people usually tweet about?

Well, Twitter works relatively similar to other social media. You can share details of new publications, news, post, etc. Additionally, it is possible for everyone to communicate with other accounts by replying and retweeting.


What is twitter gif

What is a gif file?

Do you know what a gif file is? Actually, gif is an abbreviation for the Graphics Interchange Format. Interestingly, it’s one of the most popular file formats on the World Wide Web. This is because of its wide support and portability between applications and operating systems. The key to its popularity is that gif files can be still and animated. No to mention that all browsers support gif format.

Using gif files on Twitter

As we said, gif files can be animated, right? Therefore, it’s one of the best ways of conveying messages very quickly. The importance of gif files for Twitter is even more due to the content limitations. So, what should you do if you wanted to save a gif file from Twitter? Unfortunately, you cannot do this by Twitter itself. Therefore, you will need a third-party application. Before talking about them, let me emphasize two points.

– You have to know that Twitter cannot save gifs. Why? it’s because Twitter converts gifs into a looped video format. Therefore, as we said, you’ll need other applications. 

– Also, the procedure is different according to the operating system you have (iPhone, Android, Windows, etc.)

Download gif from twitter

Three practical applications for downloading gifs from Twitter

Now, we are going to briefly introduce two of the most popular applications on the internet.


If you have iPhone, this application works for you. It lets you save gif files on Twitter. On the good side, you don’t need to buy the app since it’s free. However, if you don’t like to see all those annoying ads, you have to buy the upgraded version.

How to download a Twitter gif using GIFwrapped

It’s very easy to download gifs using this app. First, tap the down arrow in the top-right corner of the Tweet. Then, follow “Share Tweet via”>>>” Copy link to Tweet”. Now, open the search tab of the application and paste the Tweet URL. After that, press “Search”. Here, you just need to press the icon that has an arrow (in the bottom-left on the screen). Finally, select “Share photo” and then “Save Image”. Done is done.


This is another application suitable for Android phones. Like the abovementioned app, it’s free. However, you should give access to all the media on your phone. Perhaps, you would prefer not to do that. Don’t worry! The application is pretty safe. First, go to the gif file you want to download. Then, click the share button and then select “Tweet2gif”. Simply, press “Download gif”. 


If you are using Twitter’s desktop version, you need to have EZGif. This is an application for creating, resizing, cropping, reversing, optimizing, and applying some effects to gifs. Again, the procedure is very simple. First, you have to copy the URL and then go to the EZGif optimizer. After that, paste the URL into the text box and then click “Upload!”. Interestingly, the application lets you edit the gif files. After you are happy with the changes, press on “Convert to GIF!”. Finally, you will get a box with the gif file. If everything is fine, you need to press “Save”. Now, you have saved the gif file.


Gif files are one of the most engaging formats on the Internet. You can find them on social media too. Are you looking for saving them on Twitter? Hopefully, there are several applications for downloading gif files. Here, we introduced three of them. I hope you find this article helpful.

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