Compare Telegram to WhatsApp

Compare Telegram to WhatsApp

Telegram is one of the most popular messengers in the world. It is actually a freeware, cross-platform, cloud-based instant messaging software and application service. The telegram was released in 2013 operating is different systems including cell-phones and personal computers. It is available in 14 languages. Now, Telegram has more than 500 million users across the world. Interestingly, in some countries, is the most popular apps. For example, more than 60 million people in Iran are Telegram users. Here, in this article, we will compare whether Telegram is better than WhatsApp or not.


Although Telegram was created as messaging software, now, it has business applications. Many companies have a Telegram-based communicating platform. In addition to one-on-one communication, companies use many ways to advertise their products. Telegram channels are very popular and diverse. Many of them cover events and news. Also, other channels use the Telegram platform to distribute ideas, opinions, etc. All these Telegram channels are available for businesses to advertise their products. Finally, Telegram groups are extremely dynamic letting people talk and express their opinions freely.

Why Telegram is better than WhatsApp?



If we compare Telegram to WhatsApp, which one is better?

As we said, many individuals and companies prefer to choose Telegram for boosting their business. However, WhatsApp is one of its rivals. Here, we want to compare Telegram and WhatsApp.

Save content as much as you like

Thanks to Telegram’s cloud, you can freely save content including messages, images, videos, etc. Also, it doesn’t matter if you log in/out from your devices. Your content is always saved there. Additionally, you don’t need to be worried about security. Telegram will notify you if someone logs in from another device.

Sending original images and videos without losing the quality

You have the chance to send compressed or uncompressed versions of images and videos. In this way, the quality will not be reduced.

Group member number capacity

Telegram groups give you two options. First, a normal Telegram group has 200 members. However, it becomes a supergroup when a Telegram group has 5000 members. Additionally, with a supergroup, more options are available for you.

Sending messages to other accounts

If you don’t have people’s phone numbers, it will be fine. You can send messages to Telegram accounts without knowing their phone numbers. Therefore, you and the person you are sending a message to feel safe.

Channels with interesting features

Telegram channels allow you to control the content. For example, you can select several people as admins to control the channel. Also, you can let some of the members send posts at specific times.

Telegram is-available for various devices

Available for various devices

Android, iOS, windows phone, windows pc, Mac OS, or even Linux! Telegram is available for all these platforms. Also, you can receive messages from all devices at the same time.

High level of security

It happens to all of us when we don’t like others to keep our messages. This is possible with end to end the encrypted chat. You can set a time for destroying your conversation.

Bots make managing Telegram channels and groups much easier

You can outsource your group or channel on Telegram to a bot. These bots benefit from machine learning and can manage your tasks. For example, if somebody post images or videos, the bot can remove them. Not only that! Many other tasks are also possible for bots to do.

What about WhatsApp?

There are also some pros and cons associated with WhatsApp. For example, it uses end to end encryption everywhere. However, Telegram uses it for an only secret chat. Also, Voice and Video calls are more efficient with WhatsApp. These services are on WhatsApp for many years. Additionally, some experts believe WhatsApp is faster. And, its delivery and notifications are cooler. Finally, Telegram updates the features and remove bugs faster than WhatsApp.


You might use Instagram or Facebook as the main hub for your businesses. You try to get visibility and sell your products. However, there are other options available too. Telegram is one of these options. Thanks to its half a billion members, it can boost your brand everywhere. Here, in this article, we reviewed different features of Telegram.

So, maybe you want to buy Telegram members or even buy Telegram views to reach your target audience. Although Telegram messenger has too many rivals out there, it has been able to be placed as one of the most popular ones in the world. So, check the benefits of Telegram here, if you decide to base your business on it. Also, we briefly compare it with WhatsApp too.

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