Business and personal Instagram account

Differences between business and personal Instagram account

Nowadays, it is very important for social media not to be just for the sake of entertainment. Actually, they play a vital role in the world economy. Obviously, social media’s primitive goal was to make communication easier. Who doesn’t use them to call or chat with family and friends? Also, they let people share their ideas without censorship. Moreover, they have made people closer to each other as they can post and talk about personal aspects of life. So in this article I am going to describe the differences between business and personal Instagram account.


However, let’s get back to the business aspects of them. from all those 1.5 billion Instagram users, there are nearly 35 million businesses. They advertise and increase their sale on Instagram. For many of them, Instagram is the main hub for getting visibility. Have you heard social media experts when they say you should buy Instagram likes or buy Instagram views to make more money? You know the reason now.

Instagram, the best place for both personal and commercial use

Instagram, the best place for both personal and business account to use

Depending on what you want from Instagram, you will need to choose a personal or business account. Here, in this short article, we are going to define those words. Also, we will talk about their pros and cons. If you know what your aims are, it won’t be hard to pick one. Let’s define them first.

What is a personal account?

Well, the definition is not very hard! Personal accounts refer to accounts that an individual uses or owns. You will choose a personal account when you only aim to connect with family and friends. When you open a personal account on Instagram, you can set it to be a private account. It means only your followers can see your content.

What is a business account?

Basically, if you want to use your account for marketing or making money, you will need a business account. It gives you features that are not available in a personal account. For example, as a businessman, you might want to know what time the highest number of users see your content. Or, you want your users to know how to contact you outside of Instagram. Business accounts can do that.

Personal accounts, what can they offer us?

Personal accounts, what can they offer us?

You might think that personal accounts come with too many limitations. However, there are many benefits associated with them too. For example, usually, a personal account gives you a better organic reach. Also, you can be connected with several Facebook pages. Be careful! This is not possible in a business account. the personal touch is another positive point about personal accounts. In fact, they open a window to people’s personalities!

Business accounts, should everybody change?

As we said, business accounts are perfect when you are running a company or brand. Instagram can help you as a businessman to initiate and develop your products and services. Instagram equips you with some tools to maximize your fame. For example, Contact Button is available here to show the reliability of the business. You can add your email address or phone to direct Instagram users.

Also, Analytical Tool for business accounts lets you learn from your mistakes and imitate your successes. Posts’ performance, the best time to post during the day, demographic engagement, number of clicks are some of these features. Moreover, the swipe-up option is another important feature available in business accounts. This only works in business accounts with more than 1000 followers. This makes advertisement easier for you.

How to change from a personal to a business account?

It is very simple to change from a personal to a business account. Should we do this? Obviously, it depends on what you are looking for. If you want to draw attention or expand your business, a business account is the first step. How can we change? Here is how:

First, tap in the upper right corner of your Instagram personal account. Now, go to “settings” and then “account”. Next, press on “Switch” to “Professional Account”. Finally, press on “Business”. Done is done. Your business account can be connected to one Facebook page too. 


Now, Instagram has nearly 1.5 billion users. They use it for different purposes. Accordingly, Instagram has come with two account types. They include personal and business. If you just want to hang out with your beloved ones, a personal account will do the job. However, you have to choose a business account when you want to advertise and boost your reach online. Here, we first define the two types and then explained the differences and features. Also, with just three or four simple steps, you can switch between them. I hope you find this article helpful!

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