Best Instagram Pages to improve English

Best Instagram Pages to improve English

Nowadays, speaking English is a necessity for everyone. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether you want to continue your education or establish your business. Undeniably, you need English. Otherwise, you will have to let too many opportunities down. However, with all the advent in technology, learning English is not as hard as it used to be. Literally, there are thousands of Instagram pages to improve English. And, this is what we are going to discuss today.

Teach English, start making money

Can you speak English very well? Are you a master of English grammar? Do you enjoy teaching English? If you can do one of these and many other things, you will be able to make money from English as well. Let me give you an example! Imagine that you are creating exciting visual content, trying to teach every aspect of the English language. If you are good enough, you will get thousands of organic followers, waiting for your new products.

The more followers you get; the more English book publishers and English teaching institutes are willing you to advertise for them. This is great! You will get paid to keep producing professional content.

Instagram features are extremely helpful in learning English

Unintentionally, Instagram has been very practical during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to features like IGTV and live streaming, you don’t need to stop learning! With some nice accessories, you can turn your house into a nice interactive classroom! Also, the videos you record while you are teaching can be reused again and again. That is how you get visibility on Instagram.

More interestingly, Instagram can get motivation from your page. For example, every day, you can post a nice quiz on your story and encourage people to find a correct answer. Sometimes, even the slightest actions such as quizzing people are enough to get them back learning.

The Best Instagram Pages to improve English

Now, let’s have a quick review of some of the most popular Instagram accounts for learning English:

You can improve your English with BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English

Everyone knows BBC for its news coverage in every corner of the world. Also, they are responsible for distributing English knowledge to people who like to. Here are some of the coolest feature of this page:

– First of all, I have always been intrigued by that nice logo of BBC LEARNING ENGLISH written in a bluish background.

– Now, it has nearly three million followers.

– The page has its application available on Android and iPhone.

– They always post very brief and informative pictures. However, they often post videos too.  

– The highlights are very diverse, covering different topics such as grammar, Coronavirus, latest news, etc.

– So far, they have shared more than 3000 posts.

Cambridge Assessment English

Cambridge Assessment English

– the first thing that captured my eyes was the logo which is related to Cambridge University. 

– Its highlights include different even or topics. 

– they have nearly 290000 followers which are not bad for an educational purpose.

– Its videos and photos are very simple and elegant. There are lots of space which makes it easier for human eyes to read and learn. 

In English With Love

– This page that has nearly 125k followers offers some of the best original materials. 

– A teacher called Sama teaches English to young people and teenagers. 

– Interestingly, she uses quotes to teach phrasal verbs. 

– Another good thing about this page is its professional look. In fact, it seems that she has a great sense of colors. 

– Her topics range everything from the “differences between two things” and “teaching words” to “Adjectives” and “Knowing your “mistakes”.

– However, she doesn’t have even one video on the Instagram page. She is only posting pictures. 

– Also, the logo of her page is not very professional but very catchy. 

To Fluency

– he is an English teacher with nearly 50k followers. 

– He is famous for teaching very difficult English grammar. 

– Also, you can easily find the longer version of all his videos available on YouTube too. 

English Without Tears is one of the good pages to improve English

English Without Tears

– This page has nearly 155k with 2269 posts and 745 followers. 

– Another teacher is responsible here. 

– He is famous for focusing on the common mistakes that students suffer from. 

– It has both videos and photos to boost your English ability.

– Their logo is a big YES in the field of purple. To me, it is not very professional. 


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