Six of the Most Popular Apps Similar to Instagram

Six of the Most Popular Apps

Not many years ago, people used to make friends face to face. They would go to parties, looking for someone similar to them so they could build a friendship from scratch! It was tough, but it used to work eventually! The making friend was one thing, but keeping the friendship was something completely different. It was just a matter of traveling to another country and then you wouldn’t hear from your friends for months or even years! You could have just sent a letter and waited for a reply!

In this article, we will review Six of the Most Popular Apps Similar to Instagram

Although the Internet made our communication much easier, it was the rise of smartphones which turned everything upside down! It created an opportunity for people to connect from the longest distances you could imagine immediately after you missed someone or wanted to talk about something very important at work, etc. what was in the front line? Smartphones applications! Different companies started to crazily diversify them and now we have a lot of them! Some are more famous though!

I’m sure you have heard Instagram. An American photo and video sharing social networking service owned by Facebook! It launched in 2010 and now has more than one billion users. It is not practically the best place for businesses since it owns the highest ROI (rate among its competitors),So Instagram is extremely popular in some countries like USA!

We all have heard a lot about Instagram, but what about other popular application similar to Instagram! Don’t forget! Instagram wasn’t always this famous! So, the application I’m going to introduce to you today might one day turn into a gigantic social networking service as it has happened to Instagram! So, let’s have a review of these applications. Here are some facts about them you might like to know:

What are the most popular apps similar to Instagram?


1- Flickr is so similar to Instagram

– American image & video hosting service and online community, launched in 2004

– It is famous for hosting high-resolution photos by amateur and professional photographers.

– According to the last statistics in 2020, thanks to over 75 million registered Flickr photographers, it has more than 90 million monthly visitors with daily uploading nearly 25 million photos.

– the largest, most influential community of photographers in the world

– Uploading, editing, and sharing your photos from any device, anytime

– Available in 10 languages


2- Retrica is similar to Instagram in photographic way

– It doesn’t consider itself a social media platform. In turn, it advertised itself as a camera app.

– They claim Retrica is the catalyst for great photos with more than 180 filters combined with other effects which result in fantastic photos.

– Artistic effects and filters are still designing and releasing.

– It is also very user-friendly.

Six of the Most Popular Apps-IMGUR

3- Imgur

– easy access to funny pictures of pets, GIFs, TV showsLOL pictures, science facts, comics, and art

– Top 15 ranked site in the U.S. by Alexa

– Released in 2009

– Has around 300 million users.

– reaches 250+ million people per month

– 17% of users spend more than 10 hours on Imgur.

– Images on Imgur are views 60 million times monthly.

– One-third of users check Imgur daily.

– introduces a new post page experience with improvements to video scaling, the scroll bar, and engagement features.

Six of the Most Popular Apps -SNAPCHAR

4- Snapchat is the best item for teenagers

– Released in 2011

– multimedia messaging application

– Over 230 million active Snapchat users

– Used by mostly teenagers and young adults (roughly 90%)

– Dominated by females (61%)

– Checked by more than half of the users daily

– Mainly used by North Americans and Australians

tiktok : Six of the Most Popular Apps

5- TikTok is new but popular

– 500 million active users

– top most downloaded app in Apple’s iOS App Store

– Chinese video-sharing social networking service

– Top 309 ranked site in the U.S. by Alexa

– Available in 40 languages

– Released in 2016

– In banned in India

– reached one billion times in 2019

– nearly 40% of users are between 16 to 24 years’ old

– spending around one hour every day by the users

facebook Six of the Most Popular Apps

6- Facebook is the older brother of Instagram

– American social media conglomerate corporation

– Released in 2004

– With more than 52 thousand employee

– Over one billion as mobile-users

– 2.4bn billion monthly active users

– one of the Big Five technology companies along with Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and Google

– net worth is $55.6 billion

– more than two-thirds of adults Americans use Facebook, taking up 22% of their internet time

there are also other apps like Yummi, Tumblr, Twitter, Dribbble, etc. out there with their specific advantages and disadvantages. Just check them out and let us know what you think of them. I hope you enjoyed the essay!  Take care!

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